Sunday Seven

Sunday, December 13, 2020


Marathon number 7 underway

Yesterday, I finished my 7th marathon. Today, I want to share 7 lessons I learned over the year. 

1. Training well is better than not training at all. I'm a person who enjoys training more than racing. I've learned over and over that putting effort in the many weeks of training is better than not training or skipping this important part of the process. There's no better way to succeed than to be prepared to succeed. 

2. Who I become along the way is better than any medal I earned. I love me some bling. I love who I become every training season. Part of "becoming" is going through tough training runs. Sacrificing all the fun that can be had when you are not training. Becoming a better individual is part of the journey. Learning things I didn't know about myself is truly rewarding.

3. Training with a group is a thousand times better than training solo. I've tried both so trust me, being with a running group is amazing. The friends I made, the stories we share and the bond that ensued are priceless gifts from God. My friends gave me so much support, accountability, and encouragement. They lifted me up when I was down. They taught me the value of friendship and kindness. 

4. Marathons are humbling. I don't care who you are: the training and running of marathons will humble you. I thank God for this lesson on humbleness. Humble is something I hope to be as I continue to follow Christ's example. 

5. Haters will hate. You can't imagine how many haters pop up when you are training for a marathon. Their comments, disdain, and assumptions reveal what their heart is full of. I have learned that while they hate, I run, I persist, I accomplish and I move on with my life. 

6. Recovery is key. Training for and running 26.2 miles require a lot out of me. I've learned that properly recovering guarantees that I can continue to do what I love. Running is a passion I must keep in my life through self-control. Recovering is necessary in order to keep running. There are two ways to recover: badly or well. I'm choosing to recover well, thanks to the wisdom I've gained over the years. Recovering takes patience and knowing that the sport is going to be there, waiting until I'm ready to start again. I'm choosing to start stronger.

7. God will always send His angels. God has a handful of people He sends my way when I need it the most. I can look back and point to the people God assigned to encourage me when I needed it the most. I am eternally grateful. I hope to be an encourager, spreading hope to one who needs it most.

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