I didn't get a planner for the year

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

I like planners. When I go to the store, I spend at least 7 minutes looking at planners. I bought a planner for one of my kids who like me, enjoys planning.

The reason why I didn't get a planner for the year is that a planner will not help me reach my goals in 2021. I'm the only person who will help me reach those goals. 

You may be thinking: "Cintia, are you afraid of the planner? Are you traumatized from everything being canceled in 2020?"

My honest answer would be: I'm not afraid of planning, I'm afraid of not being a changed person. 

I love planners, yes I do. I can't buy one because this year, more than ever before, I have to prove to myself that I can change. I can finish what I started. I can succeed without any crutches or excuses. 

You also may be wondering how I keep up with my crazy busy schedule. I have two online calendars. A few years ago, I switched from physical paper planners to digital ones. I decided that achieving my goal is what I want. Buying a new planner is not really going to add extra achievements to my life. 

I know this is weird and different. My point is, don't sacrifice being a changed person because you are being distracted by mounts of accessories.

Only you can lead you to your goal. Go do the hard work. You have what it takes.