Thursday, February 11, 2021

I was going through a wave of conflict situations out of my control. 

After a big, decisive meeting, I left feeling defeated. 

I actually felt like a mob jumped on me and hit my face. 

Words and the motivation behind them hurt. I'm not immune to that pain. 

I coped the best way I could. 

I got enough sleep at night. I managed stress.

I tried to talk about it and a few people listened to me. 

I didn't want to be a burden nor did I want to keep asking people to talk about something I couldn't change. 

So I decided to use exercise as a main coping mechanism.

When I think about it, it works for me. 

Exercise is strenuous enough that my body and mind benefit.

It is arduous enough that I sometimes compared it with what I was going through. 

"If I can finish this tough workout, certainly, I can last another day with my unresolved problem," I thought.

The problem with the body is that it wears out. 

You can't run forever. So how do you find a way to cope?

I think that knowing yourself pays when you're in this situation.

I know sleep works wonders for me. When I sleep well at night, I can think and act with clarity. 

I know eating well works for me. Eating junk adds to my problem.

I know talking with a friend works for me. I remember asking a friend if she was free so we could talk. I tried to be as honest as possible. I found a listening ear and an encouraging heart. 

I know exercise works. I just had to get creative about how to work out without overdoing it. 

I still feel defeated at times. The difference is, I am armed with multiple ways to cope with life's difficult situations. 

* Please know that these work for me. I also use these things in conjunction with practicing my faith.