Making plans not excuses

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

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After 18 arduous weeks of training, I was finally running my 7th marathon. At mile 11, something went wrong. My right calf muscle was hurting. I tried to do everything. The truth was, I couldn’t run to save my life. So I made a plan. The plan was: "I will finish this race, no matter what."

My sweet family celebrated me so well. When we parted ways, I made another plan. I said: "I will recover from this." Two months later, I am fully recovered. This morning, I ran the furthest distance I’ve run in a while. 

I was strong. I didn’t feel like I had to start over and learn how to run again. I’m not endowed with supernatural powers friends. I just made a plan.

These past two months taught me that I must make a plan, not excuses. 

Excuses disguise as empowerment. Excuses will make you think that being down is your destiny. Poor you. Life sucks and you need to be in your negative feelings. The problem is, you become what you dwell in. 

I didn’t want to be a living and breathing excuse so I made a plan. 

After I made a plan, I submitted to the process. I know that there are no results apart from the process. So I began. 

Day after day, I followed the plan I made. My plan required me to modify everything I knew and practiced in the past 7 years.

I changed my workouts. I changed my company. I changed my hours. I changed my sleep schedule. I changed my nutrition. I changed. I changed. I changed. 

Today, two months later, the results are evident: I rose stronger. Why? Because I decided by the grace of God to make a plan and to pursue the process. 

I know that unfortunate events happen to all of us. I’m not immune to the feelings that must be felt. I also know that your excuses will lie to you. They will disguise themselves as sources of strength. 

My friend, the only source of strength you will ever need you already have. It comes from the heartbeat you have right now. I manifests itself as you accept that God made you for so much more. 

You will rise stronger. 

I hope you take inspiration from me and from so many other people who bounced back after a running injury. 

You can make an excuse or you can make a plan. I pray you will choose the latter.