The day I became a gardener

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The western North Carolina sun was hot above my head. I looked down at my 9-month pregnant belly. In my hands, I held a variety of seeds I bought from the store. I decided that was the day I would become a gardener. 

I planted 4 varieties of seeds. Only one was fruitful: zucchini. After eating every zucchini recipe under the sun, I wondered what happened to the other seeds. They were simply unfruitful. 

Complaints are like seeds. They are either fruitful or unfruitful. Today I want to tell you about David’s fruitful complaint in Psalm 142. 

David had a complaint. He did the first thing that everyone who practices fruitful complaints knows. You have to talk to someone who can actually do something about it. 

  1. David cried to the Lord - God is the ultimate problem solver. You and I know He uses people but you can’t skip this first step. Tell God what is bothering you. 

  2. David pleads for mercy - I don’t know exactly what David’s complaint was but it required God’s mercy. When you are a famous king, it requires humility to plead for mercy. May we have the same posture when we go before God. 

  3. David pours out the complaint - He not only poured out his complaint but David told God his troubles. Have you thought about taking your time and really giving God details about what your complaint entails? I recommend extra time in prayer to be sure you get all the details in. I believe that God has all the time to hear us if we spend enough time in His presence. Arrive 20 minutes earlier in the prayer closet this week.

  4. God will deal bountifully with David - this is a statement of faith. This is a statement of trust in God’s character. No matter the trouble, no matter the complaint, God will help immensely. 

I believe that spending time telling God about what is bothering you is very fruitful. God will give you all you need: wisdom, love and even exhortation. 

Yes. Sometimes, it’s not the other person’s fault. Sometimes, we the ones who are wrong. It requires a good dose of humility to accept this reality.

My challenge for you today is to spend habitual, extra time in God’s presence. Be sure to cry out to Him. Plead for mercy with your very words. Pour out your complaint and tell him all your troubles. God will be faithful to deal bountifully with you. He’s good like that. 

Prayer: God, may my complaint be fruitful. You hear prayers. You care for me and you will deal bountifully with me. I cast my cares on you because you care for me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.