Summer Health Project Finale

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Lifting at CrossFit

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I was gaining weight so I needed a new goal. I needed new encouragement so I started a summer health project. The project moved me in the right direction. When I started the project, I had a clear idea of where I needed to go. I also knew there would be barriers on the way there.

I faced the barriers, managed the challenges, and here I am. The summer is far from over but I challenged myself on purpose. 

The challenge landed me in the busiest travel season for our family. I counted the cost: what if I succeed? What if I don't? If I do everything I am supposed to and still do not hit a weight loss goal, how should I think of this project? Here is what I learned:

I'm the only person who can stop me from reaching my goals. I also have more permission to succeed than I think I have. I know things happen but I can change my routines to fit my goals. 

Support is necessary to succeed. I had support from the WW community both in-person and online. It was important to have someone to listen to me and encourage me to carry on. I also had a lot of support from my CrossFit and running friends. Motivation to do right is everything.

Gratitude was a key part of my journey. I am growing in gratitude. I am learning that being grateful helps me appreciate where I am on the way to where I am going. It fuels my journey because when I look back, I am grateful for the lessons learned. When I consider where I am, I am grateful for all the small steps that allowed me to enjoy this part of the journey. Gratitude is so good for the soul, it makes me want to continue to take great care of myself. I'm not sure why I would go on a health journey without it. 

It takes effort to track. Tracking was my least favorite part of the process. I learned that making the effort to track means I will get results. I learned that I can make tracking fun. I also saw results every time I tracked. It started as dread turned to curiosity ending with good results. I'm not sure if you thought about the thing you dread may be the key to get results. You just need to make it interesting enough so you can keep doing it. Such is life, right?

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. The results I wanted were outside of my comfort zone. So I had to get used to being uncomfortable. The good thing is that once I brain adjusted to this new reality, I enjoyed life way more. For example, going to bed on time was slightly uncomfortable. I wanted to stay up with I knew that 7 hours of sleep was what I needed. My productivity, creativity and health depended on those 7 hours. So I went to bed on time. Each time I woke up feeling rested, life was pretty amazing. Training was great. Making good food choices was amazing. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable because change is the only way to succeed.

Because of my travel schedule and because my local WW closed the workshop I attended, I haven't been able to weigh in for a few weeks. I have been weighing in at home each week. My home scale says that I lost 5.8 lbs since June 3. 

I'm happy with these results. I was going for more but if I count the amount of stress I had to manage plus all the change I am currently managing in my career, I'd say losing 5.8 lbs is pretty amazing. 

Today I am starting a new weight loss cycle. I assessed my results since June 3. I am grateful for them. I am now focusing on finishing strong. I'm so close to my WW lifetime goal. I can't give up now. 

Thanks for joining me in this journey and come back for the next phase!

Here are the project stats*:

June 3 - 150. 2
June 10 - 147.6 
June 17 - 147.2
June 24 - 147.4
July 1 - 147.6 
July 8 - 147.6
July 15 - 147.6 

*I'm using the WW workshop weight instead of the one I see at home. I haven't been able to weigh in in person for a few weeks.