Friendship Culture Weekly Bible Study

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Two words elicit all kinds of different words in our minds. If I tell you what it is, you may think of your grandmother getting together with her friends at church. Little is known about what they did there, except that they were super faithful to getting together. You may think of your own experience. It may have been a group that discussed everything, except the main reason for the meeting. Fun times. Others may think of Bible Study as a program the church offers. Some are for women, men, mothers, etc. 

There are also people who have plenty of experience with Bible Study. They know all the superstar teachers. They took all of their studies and they can tell you all about it. They went to Bible study with their moms as children and now they are looking for a group of their own. 

No matter what your idea of Bible Study is, I want to tell you about mine. 

We are a friendly bunch who loves God. We are encouraging and easy to get to know. You will feel at home quickly, loved for who you are. We encourage one another to grow in the knowledge of the Bible. We talk about how we apply what we learn in real life. We are women of prayer.

When you come to Friendship Culture's Weekly Bible Study, you will find transparency. You will find a place where your brain can think and your heart can feel what the God says through His word.

We enjoy asking questions. Our questions cause you to think about what you learn and it encourages you to apply the Bible to your daily life. 

Friendship Culture welcomes every woman to get to know the God of the Bible through His own words. 

We start next week and we would love to have you with us. You can register here
If you are not local, pray for us. 
I would love you to join us at a future Friendship Culture event.