Sunday Seven

Sunday, August 1, 2021

1. Our middle daughter turned 11 this week. Stopping to celebrate and thank God for her life was amazing. I love birthdays. They remind us that God is good. Birthdays are a great time to stop and thank God for life, blessings, and for the year to come. I'm amazed at how quickly kids grow. I am thankful for the gift of seeing them grow. 

2. I am always trying to learn from my failures. This week, I learned that I am built to survive failure and losing. Giving my best is always the best measure of success. I do entertain thoughts of regret, embarrassment, and negativity for while. When I'm ready to laugh at myself, I do. I also look for the lesson. I am learning that I have nothing to prove and everything to gain. 

3. I'm forever amazed at how people see me and what I do. If you ask 5 acquaintances what it is that I do, they might have different answers. I'm learning to be okay with all of them. It is because my close friends, the ones who do not rely on social media to know what I'm up to, know me well. They listen to me, they pray for me and they speak the truth in love. No matter how others see me, I am known by those who truly matter. Thank God I know them too. 

4. Fitness is forever challenging these days. This past week, I needed a rest day in the middle of the week. The day I did not rest, I had a tough workout. I learned not to compare myself to others but to know that I too can grow in strength and endurance. I just have to start from where I am. I find inspiration in real people. I offer encouragement to whoever is around me, just to find their encouraging words reaching me when I need them the most. I am deeply grateful. 

5. That space between "dream and done" requires a lot of hard work. It also requires a lot of remembering what the priority of the moment is. I am learning that God honors every little step towards the things that will honor Him. For me, these things are caring for my faith, family, and health. Everything will get done if these three are in order. 

6. I listened to the book "Atomic Habits" again. I listened to it while I was cleaning. I decided to implement small habits so the trajectory of my goals can remain correct. Last week, my goal was to prep my food but I just did not get around to it. I prepped breakfast but that was it. I wasn't specific enough. This week, I was more specific. The tiny change was to prep breakfast and lunch so I can have healthy and delicious options available. I also thought about changing my cues as far as getting enough rest at night. That thought needs to turn into an action item. 

7. I didn't buy any new plants this summer. All but one of last summer's plants have died. The last one died during the big snow we had in February. I know. I really don't have a green thumb. The plant that did stay was the first one I bought. My mother and sister have the same one. I admired it while I was in Brasil last Spring. I appreciate its resilience, day in and day out.