Sunday Seven

Sunday, August 15, 2021

 1 • If you have more than one priority, you have no priority at all. My very best goes to family, no apologies or excuses are necessary. Family is my priority.
2 • This week I told myself not to give up on my health goals. It was tough but I did what it took to exercise, eat nutritious meals, and rest. I’m glad I didn’t give up because it worked. Healthy living is a journey. There’s no finish line. You just keep going because that’s how you remain strong.
3 • Words are precious. I spend a lot of time thinking about them. I want my words to have weight. Only through God’s influence, my words can make a difference.
4 • We’re fully in our Fall schedule. We’re adapting to this new season and looking forward to some of our favorite Fall traditions as a family.
5 • I’m learning to ask God to lead me in the small things. I’m learning that He is willing and able. The Spirit walk is marvelous. I’m learning to think about it in small moments.
6 • One of the best questions a person can ask is “God, what do You expect of me in this season of life?” Then you get quiet and listen with intentions to obey.
7 • Everyone has an idea of what friendship should be like. That’s completely okay as long as I follow God’s creative design. Friendship is God’s idea. It is cultural. It is creative. It is freeing when enjoyed God’s way.