Team Monday

Monday, August 23, 2021

I don’t have anything against Mondays. I’ve always thought of it as a new day, a new chance to succeed. I cultivated these thoughts since I was a teenager. Now that I am a wife a mother, Mondays bring a different load of responsibilities. Today, the load included the usual chores that set us up for success for the rest of the week. I decided to be productive and measure the time I had ahead of time. Then, I wrote down all the things I needed and would like to accomplish. 

There was no expectation to do everything, I just needed to get the things out of my head. The next step is to do what I do so well: make the most of the time. I looked at my list and I knew what needed to get done. Work was a priority so I started with that. I enjoy setting aside the early hours to work, write and study because I have more clarity early in the day. 

Once I was finished, I moved on to cooking. I didn’t cook last weekend and I needed to make sure we had dinner. I thought about my friend Vicki. She would have dinner ready by 2 p.m. I thought I will take on that challenge. I was able to have two dinners ready by 2:03 p.m. I was extremely excited about that. I managed to finish washing the dishes the kids started the night before. 

I had to stop everything and go to the kid's school (twice, unexpectedly) for a second. I ran an errand on the way there. Check. Check. I also managed to make chicken and vegetable soup for the week. Once the kids came back from school, their snacks were ready and the kitchen was clean. 

What a win of a day. Not every day is like that but my goal is that most days are productive. Productivity means doing what needs to be done so my family has what it needs to thrive. Productivity is not about perfection. A lot of things on my list didn’t get accomplished. It’s okay. There’s always tomorrow. Also, we have what we need for today. 

 There are so many methods of productivity out there. I decided to find something that works for me. I keep saying I should sell my method and when I have time in my hands, I might. I’m thankful for the simplicity of writing down goals and having the health and strength to accomplish them.