Sunday Seven

Sunday, September 5, 2021

1. Life requires flexibility and adjustment. We started and ended our week adapting to the circumstances surrounding us. We tried to show grace and understanding. The result was peace, rest and as life went on, we were able to meet the demands of the day. 
2. Life requires commitment. I said I was going to help someone with a big project. I prepared myself the best I could but I was just not up to the task. I prayed to God for strength, which He graciously gave me. I learned that showing up and doing my part strengthens my character. When I make a commitment, no matter how challenging, I have to show up and follow through. 
3. Life requires prayer. I prayed with a lot of people this week. I learned when my ability to comfort fails, I can rely on prayer. When I combine the word of God with intercessory prayer, my faith is strengthened in the ability of God to intervene. God can do all things. I’m often the one who needs the reminder. Prayer is my daily reminder of God’s magnificence and power. 
4.  Life requires rest. Rest is my superpower. When I rest, I can make better decisions. I feel healthier and I am able to do all the things God called me to do with excellence. I’m done abusing my body by depriving it of enough rest at night. 
5. Life requires self-leadership. This week I thought about how I can lead myself better. I believe in self-leadership. It is a concept that can be misunderstood or seen as some sort of inherited ability. For me, it requires the daily decision to apply grit, strength and resilience to everything. It asks that I am focused and productive. I can always fine tune the skills I have so I can reach my goal. 
6. Life requires nutrition. You can’t give what you don’t have. Therefore, I need excellent nutrition to have an excellent week. The way I define nutrition is simple: foods that God created. This week, I prepped overnight oats, rice and beans, a salad and two proteins so I could have meals ready to go. Instead of wondering what to eat, I had everything ready to go. When I eat well, I feel well. I’m making peace with the fact that my food staples do not have to be fancy in order for me to feel amazingly healthy. 
7. Life requires friends. This week, I started my weekly interdenominal Bible Study. I met a lot of new friends and was happy to see friends I already knew. It was such an exciting first meeting. We are all eager to grow in the knowledge of God’s word as well as in friendship with one another. Yes, I have room for you to join us!