Pastors Appreciation Month

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

October is the month we stop to celebrate Pastor's Appreciation Month. I love any reason to say thanks to my husband and to all the ministers who serve us so well. 

Being in ministry is not easy and still, ministers serve us so well. I observed how taxing the pandemic was to everyone but especially to those serving in ministry. 

Still, they showed grace, offered smiles, words of comfort, and prayers. Many didn't bother trying to answer the unanswerable but instead offered to be there, side-by-side as we walked thorugh the valley of the shadow of death. Many got sick themselves. Many are gone. We remember. We pray for their grieving families and congregations. 

I believe that the best gifts we can offer to pastors and ministers are prayers and encouragement. Prayers because they have real needs too. They mostly do not share what those needs are but God knows and He cares. Encouragement because everyone needs strength to carry on. Encouragement can come in the form of words, cards, messages saying "I am praying for you." 

I grew up in a church community that honored pastors from the heart. I am grateful for my upbringing. I learned to show honor and respect because it is due, it pleases God and it is appropriate. 

Thank God for those who are committed to caring for our souls. May they find all the acceptance, love, and joy they need to continue to serve well. They are faithful servants and we are better because of their diligence.