Sunday Seven

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Sunday Seven 

1 • There are a few weeks left in 2021. I’m determined to reach my goals for the year instead of coasting until 2022. I’m taking accurate steps towards getting the results I want in 2021. I can’t waste the next 3 weeks. I can certainly make progress towards our goals, no matter how big! 

2 • God takes care of His children. When we get a glimpse of the way He feels about us… it changes our perspective. I got a good glimpse of how God feels about me and my current circumstances. Let’s say, I’m really encouraged. 

3 • Discouragement and depression happen to everyone. I learned to rely on a variety of tools. God is a very present help. Telling someone who cares that I’m in a tough spot helps. Calling someone who truly gets me (my mother) helps. Movement helps. Eating highly nutritious food helps. I have more tools under my sleeve. I just want to encourage you to know you have a variety of tools to get you through. Remember to seek medical help if your problem is critical. You will get through this. 

4 • We went through 3 weeks of prayer and fasting at church. God did a deep work in my life. This week, I was reminded to keep that work going. It’s interesting how much we coast if we do not stay focused on the newness of life Christ has for us. In ordinary terms, it means praying without ceasing. It means reading the Bible for life transformation daily. It means remembering we are human yet He is a wonderful God. 

5 • Zeke and I are celebrating 15 years of marriage next month. Every day, I am grateful that he chose me to be his wife and the mother of our children. Zeke has helped me become so much better than before with love and great patience. He makes our life lighter and full of joy. I am more in love with him now than I was when I met him in 2003. 

6 • I’ve been reading my blog archives. It’s been fun to read about my life way back when. I haven’t changed at all in some ways. In other ways, I am a different person. I’m grateful for reflective words. 

7 • The kids are so excited about Christmas. Advent has been a daily reminder that God is the reason why we even get to have a time of celebration. Sending Jesus to the world was more than kind. It is a gift we badly needed before knowing that’s what we needed.