Containing Feedback

Friday, January 28, 2022

My feedback is valid. Whether people receive it or not, that's where wisdom resides. 

If people do not want my feedback, it's up to me to decide how to proceed. This week (this season) I am learning that my feedback and wisdom are valid regardless if people receive them or not. 

The world is not going to end. 

I am learning that my opinion is not predicated by someone's option to receive or decline my feedback. 

I am learning to ask myself the following: what will deliver the most good: me giving my feedback and someone clearly not receiving or me withholding my feedback and avoiding frustration and a waste of words? 

Life always teaches, often, not through me. 

Maintaining my peace is better than getting upset. 

I'm learning to remain calm, cool, and collected. 

Sometimes, I see a train wreck coming but the person who could benefit from the information does not want me to tell them so. 

I'm learning to step away and calmly do what I am called to do. 

Some fights are not worth fighting. 

It is not up to me to save someone who clearly does not want to be saved. 

It is up to me to remember what my boundaries are. 

I clearly have no influence or grace with everyone outside of my home. 

There are limited areas and people who welcome my influence and grace. To them, I will joyfully give. To everyone else, I will remain quiet, calm, and definitely prayerful for their well-being.