Sunday Seven

Sunday, February 13, 2022

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Today is Day 36 of 40 Days of No Complaints. I’m learning to accept the natural processes of life instead of complaining about them. 

1 • I used to complain about having “too much work to do.” Now that God blessed me through this process I can clearly see the blessings in front of me. I am grateful for having work to do. Work builds character. I want my character to get stronger. I am grateful that I developed good boundaries. Although I have seasons of “too much work to do” I developed the discipline to be able to carry on the load. I know seasons of rest will come. So I don’t complain and remain, I’m grateful and thankful. 

2 • We all go through seasons of sickness. Instead of complaining, I am learning to rely on God with gratitude. Being sick is not fun and complaining never made anything like that better. While I don’t thank God for sickness, I thank God for His comfort and healing through it. 

3 • Relationships. There is a misunderstanding that marital relationships are always flawless. At least that's what the internet is selling us. I'm learning that difficulties can be stepping stones to building stronger marriages. Without difficulties, there is little growth. I am choosing to be thankful for every season of marriage because I don't want to be without any of it. I'm grateful for all of what makes us one. 

4 • I'm at a place where I have to analyze every little part of my life as far as gratitude is concerned. For years, I've complained that my health journey has been 'slow'. I failed to see that this is the healthy life I was meant to live. Okay, so it's been slow. It also means that I am not gaining weight back. That yo-yo dieting is gone. Forever. Why? Steps towards the life I want for myself. Even in my "worst" weeks, I can be grateful that my food and movement choices reflect my values. 

5 • Being grateful for "what is" does not mean you are going to reach your goal. Complaining about "what is" will not help you make progress. I remember sitting in my dorm room, Sophomore year. I was far away from graduation day. I didn't complain. In the back of my mind, I knew a college dorm was temporary. It wasn't forever. While I was there, I made the most out of that opportunity. Then, when graduation day came, I left with gratitude. Complaining about "what is" is not going to help me reach my goal any faster but it makes my life miserable. Being grateful energizes me for what to come. 

6 • I am learning that sometimes, I have to voice my gratefulness to myself. Instead of complaining about a situation, I say out loud: "thank you God! I am grateful for..."  This awakens me to the gratefulness seeds God has planted in my heart. 

7 • You never "arrive" at gratitude. I'm okay with that. I agree that I need to continually offer my gratitude to God who never ceases to give me reasons to be eternally grateful. 

Natural processes of life. Do you think about them?