Goals: Small steps, big leaps

Monday, March 21, 2022

I'm between a travel week and a moving week. I'm reminded of the importance of following the steps that will lead me to my goals for the year. 

I am aware that having grace is important. I'm also aware that the steps that led me to where I am will continue to lead me to where I am supposed to be. What do I mean?
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I don't think it is wise to abandon my dreams just because I am traveling or moving. Let's take moving for example. 

For years, getting organized was a goal of mine. I found a system that works for me. I kept using the same system and over the years, my life has become more organized. Organization and order are two things I need to move effectively. It makes sense to stick with what works. Why? The benefits of this lifestyle I chose. Moving hasn't been hard. Living with endless clutter is hard. Not having a great decluttering system is hard. I am encouraged to stick with it. 

I am learning that the benefits of staying organized outweigh the proclivity to let my systems go. I can't abandon my systems. 

Consider the example of traveling. Traveling can be what you want it to be. I enjoy traveling. I also enjoy feeling good while I travel. My mindset is: how can I feel good (not sick to my stomach because of food or lifestyle choices) while I travel? In order to feel good, I learned what to order when we eat out. I learned how to choose my indulgences. I also learned to rest so I can have the energy to enjoy the trip. 

While I did not go to the gym, I took a walk one day. The trip included a lot of walking so I decided not to push too hard. I had been super faithful to my workouts. I also knew not to turn back to the life of a couch potato I used to have. 

I took a water bottle and aimed to drink at least 2 a day. I can't tell you how great I felt because I was hydrated. Small thing that made us all feel amazing. 

My systems were not identical to the ones I have at home. The benefits I enjoyed because of the systems in place were incredible. I was so excited about feeling well before, during and after the trip! 

One of my big realizations was that I no longer needed to obsess about a certain food item. Food will always be there. How I feel is way more important. One day, everyone except for me was eating fried chicken. Historically, fried foods and I haven't been great friends. When I was asked why I didn't want to share, I said, "I know I won't feel well if I eat chicken, so I'm choosing a variety of veggies instead." My choice was the best thing I could have chosen for myself. Instead of thinking "I'm gonna miss out if I don't eat this food item!" I thought: "what will I gain if I eat the foods that will make me feel well?" 

I'm not sure if you are thinking about your goals for the year. I am encouraged to think about small steps that can lead me to the results I want to see. 

Small steps add up to big leaps towards your goals.