Sunday Seven: best of

Sunday, March 13, 2022

In this 'best of' edition, I share 7 takeaways from my "What I Learned..." series from the past 2 years. These lessons are priceless, hard-earned, and precious to me.

1 • "No" is a holy word • I stepped out of a meeting to answer a phone call from a mentor. I proceeded to say I wasn't doing very well. As a matter of fact, the past few weeks had been very difficult. As I described exactly what I was dealing with, she listened with care. Her words of wisdom were, "no is a holy word." She reminded me that in this season of life, saying no is okay. She helped me remember the priorities I have for this season. God, family, and work, which is plenty. (Winter 2020)

2 • There's a fine balance between being yourself and making other people comfortable. I thought about this a lot. I am fully committed to being myself. I also understand that I need to relate to people. I am choosing to believe that I can be comfortable in my own skin while being understanding of others. I can't be responsible for everyone else's insecurity about who they are. I can be understanding of them while being fully secure in who God created me to be. (Fall 2020)

3 • God knows a lot of stuff I don't know.  I honestly didn't know how this move was going to work out. All we knew was that we were being led and we wanted to follow God. Where He leads, He provides. From the smallest details to the big ones, He knows. He cares. I learned this lesson in greater depth this Spring. (Spring 2020)

4 • I feel that God helped me to accept a lot of things I cannot change. The things I could change, I did. I changed my sleep pattern. I decided that when I get more rest, I'm better able to succeed in life. I changed my exercise pattern. I started the year with an injury. Thank God, I found great strength because of that. I changed my thought patterns. I learned to manage rejection from people. I decided to accept it. I decided to show up fully as who God created me to be. I'm not everyone's cup of tea. I'm certainly God's, Zeke's, my family's and a few true friends' cup of tea. (Fall 2021)

5 • This winter I learned that if people do not want me to be part of their lives, I will believe them. I just have to believe them quicker. There is a clear difference between acquaintances and friends. Friends give you access to their lives. Acquaintances want me around when is convenient for them. I’m okay with that. I know there are people out there who show me they are my friends because of the access they gladly give me. (Winter 2021)

6 • I totally wasn't expecting this, but this Spring, I went back to counseling. I am learning so much about God, myself, and my surroundings. I believe in counseling. I am just grateful for the opportunity to grow despite the things that happened to me. (Spring 2021)

7 • I'm surrounded by a lot of people who look at me but do not see me. This summer, I learned to be okay with that. I'm not sure why this is happening. Still, I decided once again to stand in my confidence and be everything God created me to be. I refuse to adjust to a culture that ignores people on purpose. I am determined to offer friendship, acceptance, and encouragement everywhere I go. True friendship can be used as an agent of change. The thing is, I need to be willing to be that agent of change. (Summer 2021)