Embracing new Routines

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

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New routines happen to all of us. Whether you just moved to a new hometown or started working after staying at home with kids or you got a different job far away from home, you need to embrace a new routine. 

Well, I have to embrace a new routine. In the past, I just took a deep dive into my new routines. When Zeke and I got married, we both embraced a new routine. It was lovely by the way. Each time a baby was born, we embraced a new routine. Some of the things we did were similar but our routines changed. If I consider the fact that we moved states on top of the joy of welcoming new family members, change was inevitable. 


I drag myself into new things. You wouldn’t think so but it happens every time. Today, I want to remind myself of the things that make a difference when adapting to a new routine.


• Letting go of the old. If I can’t let go of what was, I can’t embrace what will be. This one has been hard because I was so in love with my old routine. Oh well, things are different now. I need to think of a way to say ‘Bye Felicia.’ 

• Flexibility in every way. I think I learned this when our kids were born. I’m not sure if parenting is even possible without flexibility. My personality sees flexibility as the same thing as being broken. The thing is, if we follow God’s plan, flexibility can build our character so we can be more of who God designed us to be. More on that subject later. 

• Less is more. This morning, a WW coach suggested that I go back to the basics. What are some of the basic things I can do in order to make this new routine possible?

• Accept help. We’ve been surrounded by people who offer to help us. Our church family and our extended family have helped us. Our neighbors and CrossFit coaches have helped us. I believe we still need help. We are planning to ask for it. 

• Ask for help. The more we ask for help, the easiest it is to do it. I believe that asking for help makes life easier. I’ve asked for help in many areas. I asked my family to be with me during a difficult day. I asked what I consider tons of stupid questions. I asked for a break. Asking for help doesn’t mean anything bad. It makes us human, and relatable. It allows us to experience blessings in disguise in my opinion.

• Have patience. This is the number one thing I need to remember. Patience is the number one companion in this journey. There aren’t any laws against being patient. I really need to say this to myself over and over again. 

• Look for beauty. God has designed beauty on purpose. He placed it all around us. All we need to do is to awaken our inner and outer selves to receive it. I am looking for beauty around me. I often see it in my children’s smiles. I sense it in my husband’s embrace. I see it in the birds that freely fly outside my kitchen window. I feel grateful to God for all of it. Beauty was meant to be enjoyed on a daily basis. I need to stay attentive to it. 

• Remember: things change. This season is not going to last forever. I remember driving through my previous new hometown and clearly thinking “one day, these roads will become familiar.” Your brain and heart have a way of working together to find such familiarity. To me, this is what growing roots mean. New paths become well-worn. Stores become frequently visited. The way to a new friends’ homes becomes second nature to us. I long to find my path to someone’s couch and just sit. Things change. They always do. 


When looking for new routines, it is wise to keep some of the old things we used to do. These are my things:

• Reading out loud

• Meals together 

• Regular bedtime routine 

• Prayer 

• Neighborhood walks 

• Exercising

• Afternoon tea 

• Exploring new places together 


Creating a new routine can be a moment of growth. I know I hope I grow to be everything God wants me to be in this season. I pray the same for you too.