Using setbacks to our advantage

Monday, April 25, 2022

Every person in search of a goal has dealt with setbacks. Where setbacks are inevitable, so are strategies to help us thrive. Enjoy today's post and be inspired! - your friend, Cintia 

I thought a lot about setbacks this week. I thought about how I’m in control of how I bounce back from them. It requires prayer and Bible reading. It may require going to sleep and trying again the next day. The goal is to get back to focusing on the steps that will lead me to my goal. 

1 • Be at ease with setbacks. They are and will always be part of the long journey to our goals. Whether the goal is to graduate from college or admission to grad school, there are always setbacks. We need to accept they are part of the journey. 

2 • Don’t overreact to setbacks. I’m learning that when I overreact, I get derailed. So I didn’t follow my eating plan and I took on extra calories than planned. I can plan to succeed next time. I can learn from the setback and be better equipped next time. 

3 • Learn from setbacks. Setbacks can be our greatest teachers. Other than revealing what lies dormant inside of us, we can use them to build greater strength. Once I was done crying about not being able to pursue the major I wanted, I learned about possibilities I never thought about before. I learned and I grew. 

Today I can say thanks to that setback, a world of possibilities was opened to me. I’m grateful. One day, that setback that used to upset us will be a milestone. We just have to remember that we are in control.