Devotional life, lately

Thursday, May 5, 2022

If you were to sneak in and see what I've done as far as devotional lately, you'd find me refusing to give up.

We all get busy. My family and I recently moved to a different State. It is a major "cue change" in life as my health coaches call it.

While some would say "God understands," I prefer to think that I need His presence more than ever. 

I've written about the fact that spiritual discipline can be tough at times. I offer encouragement in this post on how to press on and still connect with God. I also wrote a post called "spiritual discipline for busy women."

I see my relationship with God as so important, I don't want to miss out on this connection. 

I get wisdom, strength, and peace. I really can't live without these things. Therefore, I press on and connect. To be completely practical, here's what I do:

• I pray on my knees, first thing. Okay, I turn on the coffee maker first. It does help me wake up. God knows I fell asleep plenty of times before. LOL. This prayer is not long. It is meant to say, "God, thank you for another day of life. Forgive me for my sins and failures. Give me wisdom to live the life you are giving me." I also pray for my family and anyone else He puts in my mind that moment. Then I get up.

• I read my Bible. I may read Psalms, Proverbs, or the Gospels. My goal is to get my mind fixed on the words of Scripture. If I have a kid hanging around, I might ask her to read it out loud and we talk about it for a few minutes.

• I pray for the kids before they go to school. I don't want to lose this habit. It is powerful and effective. 

• I insist on reading my Bible in 6 months plan. I'm super late right now. I've been late before. I know I can catch up. There's grace for those of us who get behind our reading. I bet I have post about that too here on the blog :)

• I pay attention at church. I take notes during the sermon. It recently dawned on me that I can read my notes during the week for extra encouragement. I know. You'd think I would do that all the time. Church notes are great because they really help me throughout my week. I have a chance to think deeply about what I am learning. I also get to apply what I learned on Sunday.

• I limit my exposure to internet preachers. I know. Tough one. While I believe in free speech, I don't think I need to listen to every internet preacher out there. I'm a fan of paying attention to people I know and who know me. I pay attention to what my husband says. I pay attention to what my pastor says. I pay attention to what my mentors are saying. The only Bible study I recommend in person or online is I've been part of this study in person. I know the teachers and they have walked with God for a long time. They also chose to walk with me and lead me in the ways of God. They live a transparent, Christian life that produces fruit. Every time I have a question about the Bible, I go to their archives or to the notes I've taken from my time at Bible study. Internet preachers are flashy and all but I can't have the access and transparency I need to grow in Christ.

As time goes by, I'm going to probably add "attend Bible study outside of my house" to this list. Bible study is something I prioritize. For now, I'm encouraged to keep seeking God through prayer, Bible reading, Bible meditation, worship, and church attendance.