3 months of Georgia

Monday, June 27, 2022

Today we have been celebrating 3 months of living in Georgia.

The kids said it feels like we have been here longer. I agree. I like today's date because a wise friend told me that you feel a "switch" at month 3 after you move. 

Month 3 arrived softly this time. Peace has been the main feeling of being here at home. I am grateful.

Today was a regular Monday for us. I went to CrossFit. I didn't feel like going but all the preparation around me made it easier to show up and put in the work. I went back a second time in the afternoon to get some sports performance help. I'm grateful that we found a great CrossFit community. It's been better than I could have imagined. 

The kids had swim team practice this morning. We love having this as part of our summer routine. 

The church has been an incredible blessing. Everyone we met has been loving, honest and generous. We are deeply grateful to God. Serving Jesus is a joy.

Gratitude is the landmark I want to remember this month 3. I have so much to thank God for. No, life is not perfect. Still, my good days outweigh my bad days and I will not complain. 

Discovering Georgia has been fun. Just yesterday we sporadically found a nice spot for a family hangout. I know there are so many more places to see.

Adapting to a new hometown takes time. It is always a blessing when a house feels like home, a city feels like a community and a church feels like family.