Navigating Bad Weeks

Friday, June 24, 2022

Bad weeks happen to good people. We don’t get to be defined by a bad week. Listen to this episode with helpful tips on how to navigate difficult weeks.

7 Lessons on navigating bad weeks 

 1 • Rejection comes to visit but it doesn’t have to stay. We don’t have to set a table and have coffee or tea with rejection. We can simply greet it and close the door again. Rejection is an unwelcome visitor. You can recognize the visit yet, we can also send the rejection back out. Rejection is not permanent. It does not have to stay. Self-compassion gets to stay. Encouragement needs to stay.

2 • Bad weeks happen to good people. We don’t get to be defined by a bad week. Our definition is deeper than the outside circumstances that came our way. It is helpful to ask: how does God see me? You will find encouragement as you answer this important question.

3 • If we don’t learn to navigate stress, stress will navigate us. Storms of life pass. We can’t control them but we get to control ourselves. How we choose to control ourselves is up to us. We are unique individuals. It is wise to find out what is uniquely effective and healthy during times of storm. Be wise in how you choose to nurture your mind and body during stressful times.

4 • Measuring my words has become increasingly important. I see more than I choose to say. I speak less because in an abundance of words a lack of wisdom is shown. Some words are meant to be said. These are often words of encouragement and prayers. Some words are not meant to be said. The wise person knows the difference between these two.

5 • Practicing gratitude instead of complaining is possible. It takes recognition followed by repentance, followed by reading (the Bible), followed by remembering to go through this process again. I’ve been writing about this process for the past year. God can truly transform us from complainers to grateful people.

6 • Preparation beats desperation. Taking the time to unglue our eyes and ears from needless stimuli gives us the freedom to prepare. 

7 • God is doing a new thing.