Sunday Seven

Sunday, July 24, 2022

1 • The kids and I talked about loving the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, strength, and mind. We thought about what does it mean to us, individually, daily. We challenged one another to read the Bible and think about it. We talked about remembering the words of life after we close our Bibles and go on with our days. Jesus is everything to us. We find it important that our actions reflect our devotion to His word.  
2 • Friendship is an incredible gift. It knows no boundaries. A true friend will come see about you, even if you no longer live close by. True friends are worth the investment and the care.
3 • We have more potential than we realize. God created us this way. The key is being a good steward of that potential, which is the one thing God won't do for us. My question for you is: what will be your small step toward increasing your potential?
4 • Love is truly a decision. Back to Deut. 6:5, loving the Lord my God is a decision I gladly make daily. I was telling the kids that I heard that the heart can't love what the mind does not know. I read Jenn Wilkin write about that and I agree with her. I decide to read the Bible. I decide to think about what I read. I decide to study continually. I decide. Faith is about decisions. The most important one, to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I decide to love and serve Him daily.
5 • I learned that trusting God is also a decision. This past week, I had to reach deep down into my heart, and think about the witness of Scripture. I thought about the immense faithfulness of God. I decided to trust God. I also decided to verbalize my trust in prayer. My inner life really benefited from this decision to trust God. 
6 • I found a person to help me be accountable for my eating plan with WW. I'm grateful. We offer daily encouragement to succeed. I believe that accountability means being accountable for the ability to follow the plan. She found great success at the end of the week with her weigh-in. Myself, not so much although I made progress towards this month's goals. Accountability is about progress, not perfection. I'm grateful. Here is a free month on WW if you want to try it.
7 • I learned what it means not to coast during CrossFit this week. Although I'm getting stronger, I found myself shying away from pressing toward the uncomfortable. There is no growth in my comfort zone. But it is so comfortable... yet, I am encouraged to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.