Sunday Seven

Sunday, August 21, 2022

I was thinking about things that slows me down this week. Here are 7 of my least favorite.

1. Insecurity. When we find our identity in anything other than God, we experience insecurity. Confidence in being who God called us to be is freeing.  

2. Feelings. I believe we can feel our feelings but we should allow our actions to guide us. I can take action while feeling fear. Fear doesn't have to paralyze me. I can be nervous and still proceed to complete a presentation. Actions can guide us towards our goal. 

3. "What ifs". Overanalyzing things can slow us down. Relying on God’s blessings is better. Life, for example, is a blessing from God. If we are alive and well, we can proceed. If we fail, we learn. If we succeed, we learn. Count on the simplicity of God's blessings each day.

4. Lack of focus. I heard someone say when you have multiple priorities, you have no priority at all. Finding your focus speeds you up.

5. Uncontrollable circumstances. We all know they slow you down. The frustrating thing is that they are out of control. What helps is to focus on what I can control. Finding peace in the fact that God is in control is the best we can do. 

6. Considering what others think. I can't tell you how much time I lost considering what others think. I can rearrange my environment by considering the opinion of those who truly matter and muting the opinions of those who don't. 

7. Disregarding our potential. We are responsible to fulfill the potential God gave us. Potential comes in seed form. When we disregard seeds and don't water them, the tree has little chance to grow and bear fruit. We must nurture the potential God gave us.