Sunday Seven

Sunday, August 28, 2022

 Sunday Seven

1 • “Quality decisions open doors to change.” - I'm learning to think before I act. I decided to listen to the Bible during my commute. My mind needed to change. The quality decision was to fill it with God's word. Yes, I read the Bible when I'm not commuting. I did feel that the more I feel my mind with the words of the Bible, the more I will act the way God wants me to act. It is my decision to do what the Bible says. I know the first step is to submit to the words of life however I'm able. 

2 • If you need to grow in wisdom, master gratitude. There are many ways to grow in wisdom with the fear of the Lord being the beginning of it. I believe the growth in gratitude leads to a wiser life. 

3 • This week, I need this reminder: "Don't speak out of your wound, speak out of your wisdom." The past reality of hurts can tempt me to speak words that do not weigh as much as wise words weigh. It is up to me to remember wisdom, even when faced with the temptation to lash out in sarcasm.

4 • "A calm and undisturbed mind and heart are the life and health of the body." Proverbs 14:30 (AMP). I refuse to glorify stress and anxiety more than seek the solution to my problems. God's words are medicine to my being. I will seek peace. I will pursue it no matter what I need to give up (time on social media, time with negative influences, etc).

5 • Choosing progress over perfection is a challenge worth pursuing. Progress leads me to my goal. Progress is also a teacher. Perfection is an unattainable constraint. A captor we can't escape, a master we will never appease. 

6 • We went back to Wednesday night church activities last week. I enjoyed being with our choir again. Singing is medicine to the soul of those who need constant reminders that life is beautiful and worth living. Singing is instant joy for a song does not inhabit the soul of the downcast. I sing because God created it for me. I sing together because when melodies find harmony, our praise remains as it should to the honor of God and God alone. 

7 • "What is your weakness?" was the best question someone asked me this week. The conversation was about making them stronger.