Adapting to a new job routine

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

I took a step back from my usual approach to engaging in a new job. My usual approach is to jump on a train that is going 100 miles per hour. It's not pretty, fun, or safe but that's what I've done in the past. 

I decided to offer myself grace. I decided to give myself 3 months to fully adapt to this new job and the routines that come along with new ventures. 

3 months is a good amount of time for learning to happen. You have time to learn the best way to get home. You have time to learn traffic patterns. It also gives you a good start with people. I don't know a human being out there that can be completely known in 3 months. All we can do is start the journey. 

Here are a few things I learned during this time of adaption:

* Morning routines are important and unique. Just as each season of life changes, so do the needs of my family. My morning routine is not a solo routine because the kids and I rely on one another to start the day with family, faith, food, and encouragement. It looked complex and tight at first. I learned to ask for help. I also learned to help myself. Preparing the weekend before is how I help myself. Praying is also how I get all the help I need for the day. I'm grateful we established a new routine that works for us. 

* Stress is manageable. I noticed I was stressed during my commute. Side note. My commute can be an entire blog post. It has been a delight to find out that I can manage stress. I learned to include God in my commute by listening to an audio Bible. The Bible has changed my mindset. I now think of what I am hearing. Faith, peace, and encouragement are constant companions during my commute. I appreciate this extra time with the Word of God. 

* Resting well at night starts with going to bed on time. I learned to stop whatever activity I am doing to prioritize sleep. Sleep is the key component of an energetic day. There are multiple challenges to getting enough rest at night. The benefits outweigh those challenges. I am determined to get the proper amount of hours per night so my days can be energetic. 

* Fight the proclivity to feel sorry for yourself. I'm often tempted to get on the 'woe is me' bandwagon. While this makes me human, it also makes me lean toward negativity. I can't afford to drag myself down. I fight when I use my tools. They are spiritual discipline, physical discipline, and good ole reaching out to a friend. The fact is, I'm blessed. The fact is, I prayed for 15 months and waited for this opportunity. I'm grateful to God for entrusting me with the blessings I enjoy. 

* Preparation can lead to progress. I made peace with the immense preparation I practice during the weekends. Each task leads to progress in an area of life. For example, last Saturday, the kids and I turned off the wireless and we chose to prepare our home for the following week. There was a lot of cleaning, decluttering, food prepping, and laundry folding. Last night, as the kids and I read a few bedtime stories, I looked around. We were all at peace, ready to rest in tidy rooms. Dinner, which was prepared on Saturday, was delicious and nutritious. I didn't worry about it during CrossFit a few hours before. All we had to do was eat. Peace is the side-effect of preparation. I will pay the price for peace. 

I have more lessons but I will stop for now. I bet if you look back on your life, you can identify lessons for your journey too.