Sunday Seven

Sunday, October 2, 2022

 The beginning of Autumn invites introspection. I'm pondering:

1 • Am I using my time wisely? ~ I identify "time wasters" such as mindlessly browsing. Time wasters are measurable. Aren't you glad? It means we can improve! 

2 • Did I reach the fullness of my potential this week? ~ I never said these questions were going to be easy. Here is the thing. God gave me potential. He is not responsible to fulfill it. I am. Did I give my very best this week? 

3 • Did I listen for things unsaid? ~ Being quick to speak is a side-effect of not listening well to others. I stand guilty. This season, I'm learning the gift of listening. It requires different gear. It requires inner peace. It also requires radical acceptance and a lack of judgment.

4 • Did I serve my family well? ~ Jesus set the ultimate example of service. I am called to serve my family well. I can always improve. I can't improve what I won't recognize. This question is so important. Did I follow Jesus' example as I served my family this week?

5 • Did I get enough rest at night? ~ I am learning to rest well at night for a healthier day. I think better when I rest. I move, think and serve better. I can't get that type of rest from a pill so I learned to get enough rest at night. Living chronically tired is not for me. I opt for the opposite when I choose to rest.

6 • Did I make steps towards reaching my long-term goals? ~ 2023 will be here in 90 days. The best time to work on our goals is today. Each small step bears fruit if we choose to take them. 

7 • Did I cultivate gratitude from the heart? ~ Notice the question is not "do I have a gratitude journal?" Neither is "did I say thank you enough?" Gratitude is cultivated in the heart. Everything else is an accessory to what dwells in the heart.