Sunday Seven

Sunday, October 23, 2022

• Some weeks are easier than others. During a specially tough week, I learned to rely on the following things:

1 • God's words. I truly live by every word that comes out of the mouth of God. God's words are not only life-giving but they bring comfort to my soul. They give me strength when I feel weak. They also give me hope that things will get better eventually. 

2 • Rest. The more I dive into the scientific literature on rest, I see how rest influences all parts of my life. The rest I get when I sleep enough hours at night can't get substituted by other things. The results I get when I rest well are incredible. I feel better and therefore I do better. In difficult weeks, I can face my challenges from a restful state of being. 

3 • Movement. My mindset is directly affected by movement. I learned to infuse it in my life because of the wellness it brings. Exercise is not for vanity, it is for sanity. 

4 • Prayer. Even when all is well, I decided to give myself to prayer. My prayer may not change things but it certainly changes the way I see things. God is present to help and willing to guide me. 

5 • Purpose. Tough weeks can feel overwhelming. When I take a break from that and focus on my purpose, I feel and function better. One of my purposes is to nurture the family God gave me. When I occupy my time serving from the heart, I find a peaceful purpose. I often forget that bad feeling. Purpose is a glorious, God thing. I'm encouraged to embrace it. 

6 • Service. I try to serve others when I have a bad week. I never let them know what kind of week I'm really having. I do it because it is more blessed to give than to receive. So I give. I feel that blessing in my heart. God is glorified and I enjoy seeing smiles, even if from a distance. 

7 • Family. I enjoy keeping in touch with family but especially during difficult weeks. Hearing familiar voices of love is fortitude. Their words, always encouraging, give me the strength to carry on. 

I'm not sure if your week was good or bad. I hope you will rely on Godly tools to get through the tough spots. God gives strength.