22 lessons of 2022

Saturday, December 10, 2022

1 • Things change, God remains wonderful. 

2 • It's okay not to have all the answers. I spent quite a bit of time wondering why a few things happened the way they did. I came to the conclusion that sometimes, it is good not to have all the answers. 

3 • Standing in my confidence is a great place to be. My confidence is fully in Christ, that's why. 

4 • I have nothing to hide, and I enjoy living this way. I heard a few insinuations that I had something to hide earlier in the year. The fact is, I've always lived having nothing to hide. The amount of peace I enjoy comes from Christ and my choice to live life the way the Lord calls me to live. 

5 • Godly justice always prevails. I need not worry. 

6 • Sometimes, God gives us double blessings. We enjoyed two Spring Breaks. They were both a big blessing. 

7 • Earlier this year (and last year) I decided to treat others with kindness, Christian love, and respect. I decided to encourage the people around me. I reap what I sow.

8 • Peace is a great companion. 

9 • Sometimes, friendship comes slowly. 

10 • I'm my best advocate when it comes to my own career. 

11 • It's okay to challenge yourself to achieve more. 

12 • Less is more.

13 • I am the first person who needs to believe in the potential that God gave me. I'm the first one who needs to act on it. 

14 • Sometimes, not giving up on a dream is a win. 

15 • Barriers show us how flexible we are.

16 • Friendships can grow slower. I know how to set a fast pace in friendships. This season, I'm learning the value of slow growth.

17 • Sometimes, God gives you a break from activities that were going to take immense time and effort. Acceptance is a gift we give ourselves.

18 • Casting my cares looks like praying and then enjoying whatever it is I need to do next. I can practice trusting and delighting myself in the Lord because He is the One who gave me the life I am blessed to live. Constant worry robs me of health, strength, and the ability to enjoy everyday life.

19 • God is still answering prayers in 2022.

20 • I can mean what I say. When I say, "let's get together," I mean it. I follow up with action. If I remain silent, I also mean what I say.

21 • The outdoors were meant to be enjoyed. It doesn't take traveling to the uttermost parts of the earth. My backyard offers the same opportunity for joy and delight in God's creation.

22 • Sometimes, people we follow online disappoint our expectations. They don't need to know it. It is up to us to pray for them and decide if they will have a precious piece of our priceless attention.

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