Small changes

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Small changes bring big results. I've seen this in a few areas of my life. 

I decided to delete my most used social media apps each week for 48 hours. This small change allows me to:

• Disconnect from the maze of online content
• Connect with my family
• Free my mind from the effects of looking at endless amount of content 
• Lose the want to post all the time
• Feel more at ease and at peace 

The kids disconnect as well, which is good. This small action helps us truly rest more during those 48 hours. 

I decided to drink more water during the day. This small change allows me to:

• Feel better because I'm hydrated
• I make better decisions because my mind is clear
• Even when I'm tired, I feel better because I'm hydrated 
• I exercise better because I'm hydrated 
• I drink more water on weekends because I know the benefits.

What is a small change you want to implement? What do think the big result will be?