Lasting Freedom from Stress when you've tried everything

Monday, May 22, 2023

There's a grace when the stressed heart cries out to the Lord for help. When all earthly help ceases, God in His masterful knowledge, gives us the answers our heart needs. 

I've been there, more times than I care to admit. I do all the preventive stuff. I plan. I prepare. I reflect. I rest. I work. I take all the breaths a human can take. I stress my body, I stretch my body. I don't miss a day of exercise. I feed my body good nutrients. I give my body the extra sugary treats it wants. Still, none of these things effectively stir the stress away. 

The body doesn't forget. The nervous twitches become uncontrollable. Except for a few decisive times during the day. I wish I could make them last. 

I pray in sincerity. My request is, can you help me? God answers. 

As a Christian, my problem is never questioning if God hears me. My problem is also not doubting He will answer. I'm guilty of not wanting to obey what I hear. 

The one-word answer I received was, forgive. The root cause of all the side effects bothering me was unforgiveness. 

We've been through this before, God and I. I forgave before. Yet I was living a life void of the fruit of forgiveness. 

So I forgive again. I ask God to live as if I was never hurt. In my own strength, I can't do it. God is the only One who can supernaturally empower me to make that decision. 

The thing about nervous twitches is that I don't miss them when they are gone. I felt quite relieved and at peace. No more eye twitching. I was still tired from all the activities of the week. The wonder is not so much in the void of stress but the fruit of obedience. 

Freedom is something obedience brings. Sometimes, those nervous twitches don't leave immediately. Obedience to God brings immediate alignment with His word and His will. To me, this is a freedom no earthly activity can give me. 

I'm learning to stop being afraid of side effects. I'm learning to ask God what I can do to find His best for me in that situation. 

I spent too much time worrying about the fruit of stress without considering the root of stress. Oftentimes I can pinpoint the root cause. Other times, I find myself at a loss. 

My loss is a Godly opportunity for gain. Gain of God's guidance. I'm learning to ask God for help. I have complete trust He hears and answers. I'm learning to quickly obey.