How to be consistent in your health journey

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Running + weights!

New Episode!

Show notes:

The Ranting Weight Watcher Accountability Creed

"Nothing can stand in my way because I choose to be unstoppable 

My challenges crumble in my presence because I choose strength when I am weak

My insecurities have no power over my life because I choose confidence in the face of fear

I own every last one of my mistakes because I choose growth over mediocrity 

The mirror and scale are powerless because I move forward despite of the results 

Circumstances are not obstacles because I see solutions instead of problems 

The demons of my past can no longer torment me because I choose to renew my mind daily

All things are possible as long as I believe because if God is for me who can be against me

This is the creed I declare each day it is about what I do not what I say 

I will learn the work that needs to be done 

I will never stop even when I've won 

I will work consistently no matter the cost 

I refuse to believe that all hope is lost 

I will work when I want to  

I will work when I don't 

I will work when they are cheering 

I will work when they won't 

I will work when it's easy I will work when it's hard 

The atonments that I've made are made with no regard 

I will work when it's cold I will work when it's hot 

Because choices have consequences justified or not

When I think I know it all I will start back at one 

because regardless of what I think

the work is never done

And from this moment forward when times are tough 

I choose to believe that I am enough." 

 - Donato Russo, the Ranting Weight Watcher 

Ranting Weight Watcher Podcast 

Latisha J Lee said...

A great episode. So many good and useful nuggets. I really like the idea of focusing on two goals. Mine would be adequate sleep and plenty of water. Our bodies do reward us when we're hydrated (a nugget *wink*). Also, I am always done for a challenge. Next month, I'll try meal-prepping. I meal prep for others but haven't mapped out how I would do it for myself since most of my meals are uncooked. It's possible. I just need to do it.