Sunday Seven

Sunday, July 2, 2023

June was quite the festive month for us, filled with a birthday, service, and new experiences. I learned the following:

  1. I'm not too busy to take care of myself. I lived this and gained optimal results. My circumstance didn't drive my month, my vision drove my month. I wanted a peaceful and joyful month. I wanted to practice hospitality. I also wanted to enjoy optimal health. In the past, I'd get lost in the chaos. I'm glad that taking steps toward a great vision helped. 
  2. I'm not too busy to ask for help. I called a friend and told her how busy I was. She offered help. I accepted it. Asking and accepting help made a world of difference. We grew as friends and I was grateful for her generosity.
  3. I'm not too busy to call a friend. I had a lovely video call with a friend. I think I was sweeping the floor when the call started. I made a cup of tea. She had her tea already and she was sitting outside. The encouragement we both gained was fantastic. 
  4.  I'm not too busy to go to the doctor. June is the month we all get our annual checkups. I'm learning the importance of scheduling and showing up to appointments. My whole life benefits from this part of a healthy lifestyle. 
  5. I'm not too busy to try again. Some of my healthy habits stick better than others. This month, I decided to focus on drinking more water. Trying again means applying myself to something important. It helps when guild and condemnation are absent. Free to succeed I try again and I succeed. 
  6. I'm not too busy to have people over. Hospitable is who I am. The way I make it happen is simple: I put it in my schedule. I plan, prepare, and the results are marvelous. 
  7. I'm not too busy to experience sacrificial love. Truly loving others is not easy and it shouldn't be because of the sacrificial characteristic of love. Being at ease with loving sacrifice allows me to tap into the character of God. I often told myself, this is not an inconvenience, it is what is required because love is sacrificial.