Listenbee Kitchen this Week

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Planning my menu helps me eat better

I can't remember when I decided that food planning is a good idea. I know that the better I plan, the better we eat. 

This week the kids did me a huge favor and helped me with buying groceries for breakfast and lunch. I was able to stay home and finish getting ready for the week. This week is more like a usual Fall week for us with school, work, extracurricular activities, and church services. Here is the plan for dinner. 

Monday: Shrimp pasta - I make this recipe often. The pasta seasoning is olive oil with garlic and onions. Simple and delicious. 

Tuesday: Galinhada - I'm sure I ate aversion of this recipe as a child. I have all the ingredients so we'll have Galinhada!

Wednesday: Out (church dinner) - I'm grateful for Wednesdays. There is a variety of foods for everyone and the price is so affordable. 

Thursday: Ground Turkey Casserole - I haven't had ground turkey for a while. I want to try this new recipe hoping everyone will enjoy it. 

Friday: Out (family outing) - I'm excited about going out at the end of a busy week and enjoying a yummy dinner at a local restaurant.