Sunday Seven

Sunday, May 22, 2022

I've been in Georgia for over a month. When you move, you have to introduce yourself to a lot of people. I decided to write 7 things about me. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to getting to know you better my friend! 

1 • I'm a Christian wife and mother of three. Jesus is everything to me. I often say that my life is for His service. I hope that you see Him through me. While I stopped posting a lot of Bible verses online for a good reason (a story for another day), I love the Bible and I read it often. I believe that the best way to get know the God I serve is through reading His book. 

2 • My hometown is Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The majority of my family lives there. I believe Brazil is the best place on earth. You have to go to see exactly why.  

3 • Friendships are very important to me. I believe that God created friendships and He gave them to us as a gift. Friendships make the fabric of life richer. I once hosted an event called Friendship Culture. It was lovely. I'm grateful for the women who attended and contributed to such a delightful time.

4 • I enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people. My family and I enjoy traveling. We love to hear about people's backgrounds and life experiences. 

5 • I'm a distance runner turned CrossFiter. I love the process of training and competing for different events. I'm yet to compete on CrossFit but I'm so excited to try! 

6 • I enjoy baking. The kids and I love to have tea in the afternoon and we enjoy some of our baked goods with tea.

7 • I love writing letters. My closest friends still get letters from me. Writing by hand is a way I love, care for and encourage my friends.