Sunday Seven

Sunday, October 29, 2023

1 • The year is not over yet I can't fail to thank God for answering prayers that were difficult for me. No prayer request is difficult for God. I trust Him to answer in His faithfulness and wisdom and not mine. I'm as human as I can be. In my humanity, I recognize God's excellence and greatness in being the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Gratitude fills my heart. 

2 • While I pray on a regular basis, my digital media usage informs me I have more time to pray. I believe life is better the more I pray. I do not pray to twist God's arm because His goodness does not depend on me. I pray because I am the one who desperately needs to be conformed to His image. No one is too busy to pray. We can all pray more. Finding time is a matter of getting rid of unproductive activity. 

3 • I use my brain when I read the Bible. I ask questions. More importantly, I find answers. I find assurance that God truly is in control. This year, I've been amazed at how God is clear about what He wants me to do. When I decided to read it as a book about God, things changed. Even when the command is 'difficult,' God helps my unbelief. I discovered there is grace to do what God commands me to do (forgiving others for example). Peace is the result of obedience to God's commands.

4 • I don't know why I'm surprised when God answers some of my prayers. I prayed about an area in my kids' lives recently. That area came up in a random (to me) conversation with a kid. We were able to talk about what God expects and how that decision played out in our lives. I was surprised about the whole thing yet God was not. I'm sure He directed me to pray in the first place. May I always be obedient, no matter how random to me the prayer may be. 

5 • Prayer is a good place to recognize my imperfection. I say this because there is more work to be done. God has more healing to give me. I often think I'm good until I experience pain or anxiety in common interactions. I know not to ignore such things. Going to God in prayer is a great place to receive healing and wholeness from God. I also use the tools God graciously gives me. I talk about it with a trusted friend. I journal. I make myself accountable to see a Christian Counselor whenever it is needed. I am not going back after making so much progress. I am moving forward toward greater healing and wholeness with God's help.

6 • I often think about what type of example I am setting for the kids when it comes to prayer. More is caught than taught. I want to be found in prayer, even when they are grown and gone. Prayer is a way of life for the believer in the God of the Bible. I want to find countless opportunities to pray for my family and with my family. 

7 • The best way to learn about prayer is not to grab a mic (or turn on a camera) and perform it. God teaches in the secret place. I am grateful for technology and its place in sharing good things. What I can't allow myself to do is spend more time editing videos about prayer and performing prayers in front of people. This is the modern way of receiving my reward in full (see Matthew 6:5-7). Spending more time in the secret place has greater benefits. No, I'm not advocating for us to cease all digital prayers (though you should pay close attention to the agreement you make with whoever is praying). I'm inviting you to be like Jesus, who habitually found alone time with God.