Back to Weight Watchers: Thanksgiving Week!

Thursday, November 23, 2023


The most anticipated week of my journey came and went. I'm truly glad for all the planning that went into this week. 

I pre-tracked my Thanksgiving day meal. I also calculated how many activity points I needed to match the plan for the day. 

I wanted to rest some that week. I workout between 5-6 days a week. I chose to workout 3 times, one of them being a local turkey trot. 

Running out of town is rewarding. It takes wisdom. If you are from out of town, you need to rely on the locals to guide you. 

I've been running in my husband's hometown for 11 years. In the past, when I had long mileage to cover, I relied on a local running group for help. It was great to tag along for that many miles. I was very grateful. 

Running out of town takes persistence. It was cold, and I honestly didn't want to get out and run but I did. 

The turkey trot was good. A lot of our family was there either running or cheering. I paced my oldest during the first half and finished by myself. The run was beautiful and I'm glad we all did it together. 

I went to the grocery store and I got a few things: coffee, sugar-free oatmilk, spinach,  protein shakes, fruit, sliced turkey, and keto bread. I was able to eat what I normally eat during the week. 

Tracking kept me on target. I executed well on the day of Thanksgiving, I believe. I won't weigh in until next week. I'm not worried. I'm overjoyed with being able to plan and execute my plan. 

Starting weight: 175 lbs 

Last week's weight: 157 lbs (-18) 

First Goal: 153.4 lbs (-3.6)

Second Goal: 146 lbs (-11)

Final Goal: 136 lbs (21)