Listenbee Kitchen this Week

Saturday, November 25, 2023

The holiday season has started and it will only get busier from here. I'd say this week and the next are some of our busiest all year. I planned to get as many meals scheduled ahead of this busy season. Next week, I plan to have semi-homemade meals. If all I need to do is press a button and eat, that will be ideal. This week I have time to cook and we have a special family birthday. Here is the plan: 

Shrimp linguini - I season the past with EVOO, garlic, onions, and bell peppers. I add parmesan to finish the dish. 

Crockpot chili - I've used this recipe so much, I should have it memorized. I discovered it at Pinterest and I use it over and over again. The kids get a kick of whatever sides I serve. 

Rice, Black beans, farofa, Roasted Chicken - Very Brazilian meal except for the chick which will be swarma 

Hot dogs - we have a plethora in the freezer. 

Out - celebration dinner!

Spaghetti with meat sauce - the quickest dinner we can possibly put together. 

Oven-roasted salmon, veggies, leftover sides - I found a good combination of spices for the salmon which makes my favorite protein of late a delight. 

Frozen shepherd's pie - everyone seems to like it so I bought one that's ready to go for an extra busy night.