Friday, January 5, 2024

I didn't take any photos the day of my birthday. I wanted to be focused on the people around me. I woke up early and went to CrossFit. Many of my friends came to class, which was so wonderful. We worked hard and celebrated my day. 

I appreciated all the "happy birthdays" and the joyous atmosphere. I even got to choose the soundtrack for the day (old-school R&B). 
My family surprised me when I got to the kitchen with a joyous "Happy Birthday," hugs, gifts and cards. The words the kids wrote were very meaningful to me. 

Once they went to school I still had a little time before work so I went for a 4.4-mile run. I chose a route with the highest hill I could find and ran all the way to the top. Almost out of breath but happy for the endurance, I thanked God. 

My prayer early that morning was purely "thank you." I thanked God for all the blessings of these 43 years. I was grateful to see 44. My goal is to serve Him. 
I worked remotely that day, which was productive. 
My husband took me out for brunch. We went to a new coffee shop. We went to a boutique next door and I bought a unique pair of earrings. It was nice to look around and find something a little something special.

When the kids came home from school I was back to mom mode. There were lessons to attend, homework, etc. Throughout this and the whole day, I received so many lovely messages and phone calls from family and friends. I'm grateful to God for friends and the ways they show me they care. 

My family took me out to dinner at a local restaurant. Everyone was so happy to try something new. It was so joyous and I kept thinking about how grateful I was for my sweet family. 

We came home and we went straight to bed. One of my kids saved her birthday letter for last. I read it before going to sleep. My heart overflowed with gratitude for such sincere and lovely words. God is so good to me. 

I pray that this year I can serve God by serving my family first. I want to be a good friend who does not forget but reaches out and prays. I want to be generous and a good steward of the gifts God gives me. I want to be more like my Heavenly Father. I am grateful.