40 days of No

Do you want to be done with the dissatisfaction that complaining brings? Are you tired of the yucky feeling that over complaining leaves in your heart? Are you ready for a life of joy, freedom, and thanksgiving? If so, join us for a transformative journey! 

In order to join, please Join our Group on Facebook and Please visit this page daily for devotionals. I am praying for you and with you,

your friend Cintia

40 days of No Complaining Challenge 

Preparing for the Challenge


Day 1: Professional Complainer 
Day 2: Thought Patterns
Day 3: Bright Lights
Day 4: Trip to the Bakery
Day 5: The day I became a gardener 
Day 6: Evidence of Progress
Day 7: Put in a good word
Day 8: A simple question
Day 9: The end of the day
Day 10: Comparison
Day 11: Upgrade
Day 12: Getting Dressed
Day 13: Summer Detours
Day 14: Smart Deposits