Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Weight Watchers: Time

It takes time to change your life. I often ask myself if I really have time for this Weight Watchers thing. I persistently say, yes I do. How much time does it really take? 

Time to track my food intake - It took a huge amount of effort to convince myself to track. I know that if I track my food I will reach my goal. I believe that this is the main habit I need to focus on because it helps me with all others. 

Time to prep my meals - I don’t eat diet food. My family and I eat the same things because I don’t want to spend time cooking multiple menus. Meal prep is often the recipe for a good week for me. I start by making a menu for the week, shopping for groceries and cooking some of the food. Cooking all my lunches for the week is a great use of my time. Preparing dinner ahead of time is also a great use of my time. I am encouraged to keep these good habits going. And yes, I’ve considered taking the easy way out but some foods we eat just taste better when I make them. 

Time to exercise - I remember building this habit around 13 years ago. I remember it was not a natural choice for me. I remember saying every day “I enjoy exercising and I exercise often.” I wish that did the trick. I had to challenge myself week after week to reach my goals. Here I am, 13 years later having to stop myself from over doing it. Taking the time to exercise aids my health goals. I have found that self-control, even in this area, is the best choice for me. 

Time to celebrate - Weight loss rewards are not a big source of motivation for me anymore. What really motivates me is the final product: reaching my goal weight. I have learned that celebrating the journey is wise. This morning for example, I stepped on the scale and I was up 0.4 lbs from last week. I am choosing to celebrate the fact that I tracked most of my meals this past week. I was able to do some major core training. I celebrate every awesome runs I had last week. 

This is how I keep my attitude positive about the weight gain because feeling awful will NOT lead me to my goal. Today, I will celebrate the wisdom I gained last week. Looking even further, I’ve been celebrating the fact that I am 10 lbs leaner than I was last year. Thanksgiving will lead me straight to my goal. It takes time to change my life. I believe that as I invest my precious time in my health I will reach my health goals and I will be the wife and mother God calls me to be.

Goal for the week: Track 4 days at least with the ww app. Exercise at least 4 times.
Start Weight: 175 lbs
{Goal Weight:} 136 lbs
{{Current Weight}}: 167.2 lbs

Monday, January 15, 2018

Aniversário de Martin Luther King

Hoje é um dos poucos feriados que temos aqui nos Estates, dia de Martin Luther King Jr. Esse feriado foi criado recentemente - e graças a Deus que criaram! Ele viveu uma vida que glorificou a Deus e ajudou muito a avançar a causa da justiça racial aqui nesse país. Quando eu morava no MS eu tive a honra de visitar o museu de direitos civis em Memphis. É muito bom não somente ler sobre a vida do Martin Luther King Jr. mas também ver muitas coisas guardadas daquela época. Agradeço a Deus pela vida e pelo sacrifício do Rev. Martin Luther King. O legado dele está abençoando a vida de gerações que ele nunca conheceu.

Friday, January 12, 2018

It's race weekend: reflecting on the 2018 Chevron Houston Marathon

It's race weekend and I am not racing.
Oddly enough, I'm not sad. How could I be? 
I know what it takes to run a marathon. 
I understand the hopes one takes to the starting line. 
I know the doubts and the fears as well as the faith. 
I'm not sad, I am glad. 
I'm glad I took the year off to recalibrate. 

I still ran, faithfully for fun. 
I still saw my friends a few Saturdays. 
I still rejoiced with their accomplishments and prayed for their trials. 
I'm still here. 

It's race weekend and I know that what you will accomplish will be amazing. 
Not many people call themselves long distance runners but you're it. 

I won't say "good luck" because you'll need way more than that.
I say "good hope." You will need hope before during and after the race. 

Hope that you will run your best race.
Hope that your mind will cooperate through upcoming challenges. 
Hope that you will enjoy the course in its entirety. 
Hope that you will have the true wealth which is health. 
Hope that you will not compare yourself with anyone else, not even with your previous record. You're a new you, a great you and well able to enjoy your accomplishment. 

It's race weekend and I have a smile on my face. 
There's no room for jealousy. I can't be jealous of you and rejoice with you at the same time. 
I'm throwing a pre-party for you my friend. 
I'm celebrating your accomplishment because your victory is my joy. 

It's race weekend and I know not everyone shares my feelings.
Let all the negativity flee from your heart as water flees from oil.
Let the peace of God dwell in your mind richly.
He brought you this far and He will never leave you nor forsake you.

It's race weekend.
Run, rejoice and recover well.
See you on the other side of the finish line!
Running my first marathon ('14) with some of my favorite people.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Weight Watchers: 4 tips for Birthday Weight Loss

I celebrate my birthday every year around the holidays. I have learned to celebrate the day with the people who mean the most to me. I thank God for another year of life and I enjoy the day to the fullest. 
My sweet family know how to celebrate me daily.
My weight watchers goal did not interfere with my birthday. The day was about family, not food (although I didn't miss a meal). I also decided to start the day with a 3.8 mile run to match my new year of life. Running is one of my favorite things so I always run on my birthday. 
3.8 is great!
So, how do you lose weight the week of your birthday?
1. Well, I didn't focus on food. I focused on the love of family and friends.
2. I set this goal the week before. I worked at it and I persisted in reaching those goals you see at the end of this post.
3. I remembered that there isn't a scarcity of whatever food I think I may think I can't get any other day of the year.
4. I remembered my overall goal. I was thankful to be where I am on the way to where I am going.

I'm enjoying my experience with the Weight Watchers app. I do have an accountability partner in real life who actually goes to meetings. I appreciate her encouragement and I believe we will both reach our goals. Here's one thing you may not know: EVERY time someone asks me to be a health accountability partner they lose weight. I mean, EVERY time. Just thought you'd like to know that :)

As I move forward this year, I am persuaded that I can do this. I am doing it already so my goal really is at hand.

Friend, how do you face the challenge of healthy eating during special occasions? What works for you? Thanks for joining me in this healthy journey!

Goal for the week: Track with the ww app, measure and weigh everything I eat. Exercise at least 4 times.
Start Weight: 175 lbs
{Goal Weight:} 136 lbs
Current Weight: 166.8 lbs

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

What my Neighborhood Coffee Shop Taught me about Goals

We've been eagerly waiting on a super famous coffee shop to open in our neighborhood. We were curious about what the facility was going to be once construction started.  
There were many wild guesses so I decided to ask the people who worked in the pharmacy next to it what the building was going to be. Everyone was so excited about a future coffee shop! So excited, we thought the place was going to have two floors! The more the construction advanced, the more we realized our sources were wrong. Still, the excitement continues. 
Once the construction phase is over, we will enjoy our favorite cup of coffee in the closeness of our neighborhood. I wish that my new year's goals were as predictable as this coffee shop's construction process. 
Just because I set out to do something, it doesn't mean it will happen as predicted. In real life, we experience delays and detours. The fact is that we can't give up, we must persist. 
I'm stepping into the second week of this shiny new year knowing that I have resolve to accomplish my goals. I am also aware that every goal worth pursuing will require persistence because... delays and detours. 
If I expect detours, I won't be surprised that it will take me a bit longer to arrive at my destination. The important thing is to arrive and to enjoy the result of my goals in the closeness of a thankful heart.

Most of my goals this year have the purpose of building in what I accomplished in the past few years. I want to continue the habit of organization. I want to continue to read and study the Bible. I want to write for print. I want to get back to living with a body who has a normal BMI. I want to run long distance for fun. I know what it is to experience delays when it comes to goals. I have to believe that I have what it takes to reach my goals.