Tuesday, August 26, 2014

TV Show Challenge Update 1

Last week I challenged myself to count the hours I'll watch my favorite Fall shows and apply it to my goals. Thus far I had ONE person who accepted the challenge (my dear sister Simone). So here is what the challenge will look like for me:

There are many old and new shows starting this Fall (here's a complete list of Fall TV Premiers). I am a 60 minutes fan as well as The Blacklist fan which means I'll spend around 16 hours in front of the TV this Fall.

The challenge is to use those 16 hours towards one of my goals. One of my goals is to make a compilation of blog posts which would make a great devotional book. I believe I can do that within 16 hours.

My deadline is between now and the season finale of my two favorite shows. Totally doable, right?

QUESTION: Could you benefit from putting extra time towards your goals? How so?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Chicago Marathon Training Week 8

It felt so good to be back to my training routine this week! Vacation was great but this week we got back to running at home, which is just lovely! During my time away I experimented with a different type of gel which did not agree with me at all. I tried Gu last season and I didn't like the consistency. I tried it twice in the past two weeks and my stomach let me know Clif Shots are the ones for me. I usually stick with Chocolate but I found this Chocolate Cherry variety in the running store and it was simply delicious. I do like the caffeine on mine as well. I know that the Chicago Marathon uses Gatorate products on the course, which means I'll be traveling with my Clif shots (as I should).
Another new thing that happened this week was I gave the Nike+ Running App a chance (again) and left RunKeeper on vacation. The Chicago Marathon has a couple of challenges going on and if you win you get some perk on Marathon day. I thought I'd try the Nike+ app and see how I enjoyed it this time around. Almost 2 years ago when I used it I didn't really like it but now I see they have made a lot of improvements. My favorite one: auto pause. I enjoy the RunKeeper maps but having to pause my runs is quite annoying. You also need to know that I use the free version of most Apps I have which means RunKeeper might have auto-pause in the paid version of it and I just don't know.
Last week I got a sports massage and it was painful but fantastic for my muscles. I didn't know I had muscle knots. My muscles felt really detangled and I can say I ran much better afterwards. While I can't put sports massage in my budget yet, I will still consider it going to it when I need it. 
My long run went well. I started to get tired at the end but I was feeling well overall. I had a change of scenery and that was smart. I'm thankful to my have my running buddies to start my long runs with me. It's challenging to be out there for hours by myself so their company is very refreshing. 
Nutrition has been great since I've been back home. It's easier to control everything I eat when I'm at home. Every time I find myself eating 'boring' foods (like a bowl of beans, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots) I think about how much that will fuel my runs. Something that hasn't been boring at all is my latest discovery: Brazilian Tapioca. I've been eating mine with eggs. Super filling and super delish. 
Just for the fun of it I'll show you how to burn calories super quick:
I can say I've burned thousands of calories since I've been married to Zeke. I couldn't resist it friends, this is too funny! 
I appreciate your prayers as the miles start to climb to 17 miles and above for my long runs. The run is often the easy part for me. Recovering is a challenge but with God's help I'll be able to do it. Next week I'll tell you how my first 17-miler went. Have a blessed week! 

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

5 Things you Can't see in this Before and After Photo

1 • Jesus has been the foundation of my transformation. It all started when my mind was transformed (Romans 12:2) and I was able to see what the will of God was for my life. 7 years ago my health was suffering and I made the choice of involving God in my journey.
2 • I read the book "You are not what you Weigh" by Lisa Bevere. This book really helped me transform my mind when it came to my health journey. Other than the Bible, I can say Lisa's book was highly influential in my health change. I highly recommend it.
3 • I can't give credit to one method. People think that I lost weight because of running but that couldn't be farther from the truth. I have tried different methods that help me find balance in nutrition and exercise. I haven't really 'dieted' in these past years and it has been revolutionary. To know that God, who created me, holds the key to my health has been the reason why I don't need to diet any more. I prayed and God told me what to do in order to remain healthy and that has been a blessing. I believe that God can do the same thing for you if you ask for His guidance.
4 • I was blessed with 3 wonderful children. Pastor Karen Morgan from N.C. helped me so much when she told me that in the life cycle women, our weight goes up and down. Pregnancy is one of those times when the weight goes up. Because God changed my mindset, it was easier to get back to a healthy weight after each pregnancy. I can also say that each time my weight went up it was a learning opportunity.
5 • I have a loving husband who is my greatest supporter and encourager. Zeke has been there for me and I am so thankful. He didn't have to motivate me daily or make me do what it took to be healthy. He was simply a constant source of courage, joy and affirmation. I appreciate him for listening to all the new things I learned. I am aware that he is the primary beneficiary from my change. I thank God for Zeke and I thankful that he has been blessed in his own health journey. 

I love to encourage others to seek God and find the ultimate solution for their health. God is a very present help and I am a witness that He will lead you and guide you in the way you should go. I hope that you go to God today and ask Him for His guidance. Do leave me a comment and let me know how this will work for you. Have an abundantly blessed day!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

TV Show Challenge

Everyone loves a good challenge! Here is the TV Show Challenge. Would you be brave enough to take it? Here's the YouTube link in case you can't watch this video.

1. Count the hours you will spend in front of the TV watching your favorite Fall TV Show;
2. Apply those hours on your goals for 2014.
3. Come back and let me know how your TV Show Challenge is going! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Before you Ask

Before I open my mouth to pray, my Father knows. He, who sees the end from the beginning is present. My heavenly Father cares and tells me not to worry and not to fear. My Father wants my cares so He can care for me. Today I come to Him with worries, cares and petitions. I am assured that before I ask, He already knows. So I pray in obedience. I pray in the secret place for He who sees in secret will reward me openly. I pray in faith that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all I can ask or imagine. I also pray in community for the prayers of the righteous person availeth much. My Father knows because He in His grace chose to call me His child. I'm thankful for His grace and love towards me. Because of Jesus I can come to God as a beloved daughter. Father, You alone know and you alone can supply. I trust You deeply and rejoice freely.