Monday, May 25, 2015

Meia Maratona de Franklin: 11 Dias

Oi gente, tudo bem? Desculpe eu não ter dado notícias semana passada, mas agora estou de volta!
Nossa, essa meia maratona está chegando bem perto! Só pra eu ter uma idéia do que me espera no Tennessee (morros, mais morros e paisagens lindas), encontrei esse vídeo aqui:

Essa é uma das minhas dicas pra quem vai correr longe de casa, procure um vídeo mostrando o percurso. Acho importante estar preparada mentalmente pro que me espera em 11 dias. 
O treino tem ido bem. Graças a Deus e a meus pais, ganhei tênis novo. Depois de 2 anos me despedi do meu tênis e agora estou correndo com o Asics Keyano. Pra falar verdade, eu estava cheia de dores e agora com o tênis novo elas desapareceram. 
O calor não está de brincadeira, então estou bebendo bastante água antes, durante e depois dos treinos. Sei que vai estar quente no dia da meia maratona, então treinar no Texas tem suas vantagens.
Uma das perguntas que meus amigos e leitores sempre fazem é: como começo a correr? O meu conselho é simples. Primeiro, vai no seu médico pra ter certeza de que você está saudável pra começar essa atividade física. Depois, ache um plano como o "C25K" que te leva do sofá até uma corrida de 5km.
Eu comecei assim: caminhando e correndo até conseguir correr o tempo todo. O importante é dar passos pequenos, mas continuar a fazer progresso. Se o seu desejo for de correr uma meia maratona ou a maratona, tenha uma base de corrida boa antes de começar o treino pra evitar lesões. Fazer parte de grupos de corrida ajuda bastante nessa transição.
Esperam que gostaram das dicas de hoje! Sábado passado eu e meus amigos corremos 16 kms. O plano é de diminuir a distância semana que vem pras minhas pernas estarem renovadas pra meia maratona. Outra coisa nova que tenho feito é treinar usando o método de Jeff Galloway. Troquei o meu Garmin por um novo, então está dando pra medir tudo que é uma beleza. Tenho vários amigos que usam esse método e gostam muito. O meu plano é correr a meia com esse método pra ver se gosto. Vamos ver!
Uma boa semana a todos e todas!
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How to Take a Picture of yourself during a Run

my thoughts exactly.

I've seen some awesome running photos that made me wonder: how in the world did they take that photo? Never fear friends, I'm here to pull down the curtain and tell you How you too can take a picture of yourself during a run. Here's the secret: 

This is my secret y'all.
Simply used the Self-timer feature in your phone for an awesome running picture. If you have an Android, an app such as AutoCam will do the trick. Here is another example of photo I got with the self-timer:

I must admit, this photos were not taken on fartlek day. I was taking it easy at the end of my run. Be sure the light is good as well as the background of your photo. I know you already have a lot of creative ideas for future runs, right?
My running buddies are the best.
Another easy way to get this done is to ask someone to get a photo of you. These are some of my awesome running buddies. They were actually running backwards when I took this photo. Super fun! Now that you know how to get a picture of yourself during a run, you can totally enter the Chevron Houston Marathon's National Running Day Photo Contest! Like them of Facebook and check out the details of the contest. 

National Running Day Photo Contest
This year, the Houston Marathon Committee will host a social media photo contest for National Running Day. Everyone is encouraged to share pics from their run. Get creative with it! Pre- or post-run selfies or group photos taken during your run, and the more Chevron Houston Marathon gear in the photo, the better!

To enter the contest, post your photo on Wednesday, June 3rd as a comment on our official National Running Day post that will go up onTuesday, June 2nd on the Chevron Houston Marathon Facebook page. On Thursday, June 4th a photo gallery will be created where the pictures with the most likes win!

There will be six winners in all! Prizes:
• ONE Grand prize - $250 Chevron gas card
• TWO 1st Place winners - $100 Skechers gift card
• THREE 2nd Place winners - ABB 5K entry
*All winners will also receive a Chevron Houston Marathon backpack and hat

*All photos must be submitted in the comments section of the June 2nd Facebook post between 12:00 a.m. - 11:59 p.m. on June 3rd
*One winner (the submitter) per photo
* For questions or more info, go to the Chevron Houston Marathon's Facebook Page.

Monday, May 18, 2015

How my Child Potty Trained Herself

The two most feared words in parenting (in my opinion) are Potty Training. I avoided it as long as I could but by the time my youngest child needed to be potty trained I did what I've done before: tried to get someone else to do it. 

Here's my potty training history: I was changing 3 diapers when my youngest was born. My mom, who was visiting us from Brasil, potty trained my oldest. I was down to changing two diapers and decided to potty train my second born. It was a bad experience for both of us. I'll never forget her sitting on the potty and screaming "what's happening to me?!" That lasted a whole day and she was back in diapers. My amazing mother was visiting us again a couple of months after that episode and potty trained her in a day or two. I know, my mom is amazing. 

This time around the clock was ticking - the "your child needs to be potty trained in order to be part of certain summer activities" clock - so I decided to take advantage of a local Potty Training 101 class for parents. I was least experience person in the class and I learned a lot! I decided to start with the easy stuff: "use potty training language" and "be on constant training mode." When I started doing this, something clicked in her mind. My daughter started asking to be potty trained. I'll be honest, I would easily give up when an accident happen. I also would resort to diapers because of the many activities we're involved in. Putting her diaper back on gave me the assurance that I wouldn't need to potty train on the go. This process happened a couple of other times but last week, my daughter decided to pee and poop on the toilet all by herself! 

When she did it for the first time I was in the kitchen, busy with household chores. She kept making progress and we celebrated her big accomplishment! I will not lie, that encouragement really boosted her morale. The fact that she was now equal to her siblings when it came to using the potty was also a great incentive. 

So, here's how it happened for us:

• I had no courage to do it but the clock was ticking;
• I went to a class to educate myself;
• I used "potty training awareness language" (mothers of preschoolers are never alone, so there was daily theory classes going on if you know what I mean).
• She decided not to wait for me and do it herself;
• I made sure she was really making process and cleaned the occasional accidents;
• I also let her school and church teachers know she was potty training for additional support;
• We are down to night time diapers only. Yay!

I hope my story can encourage you if you happen to dread Potty Training or if you are far away from that stage but want to know what's up. I know I'm the exception to the rule. I also know that God can give you grace, wisdom and the ability to laugh through this amazing milestone in the life of children. Happy Potty Training friends!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

How to deal with Critics

Decide how you’re going to deal with critics right now. They will not back down, they will not stop existing just because we think they suck. Make a decision right now. 

Among some of the top critics I had was the well meaning newspaper editor who told me I wasn’t up to part and I needed to do something else with my life. I kindly thanked him for the opportunity and went on to work at a newspaper with a circulation way above the place where he worked. I decided to listen to that critic but run that criticism by my journalism mentor. My mentor is someone who knows the real me and my potential. My mentor encouraged me to dream higher and dreaming I did. Thanks to God for the voices of wisdom around us when we need them the most. 

Critics are readily available. They can be found online and offline. Every area of your life is up for scrutiny. Decide right now how you’re going to deal with critics. I want to urge you to make this decision because if humans are like magnets to criticism, the way to shield yourself from that attraction is to know who you are in Christ Jesus. 

You see, that man pretty much tried to tell me who I was but thank God for the voice of wisdom who intervened when I needed the most. Voices of wisdom reminds us of who we really are in Christ. I often get criticism (direct or indirect) about other areas of my life. My way of shielding myself is to stand behind my identity in Christ. 

All that jealousy, the hurt and insecurity that critics are projecting fall apart when I am assured of who my Heavenly Father is and who He created me to be. The more I’m in communion with God, the less those wounding words matter. 

My friend, I urge you to decide how you’re going to deal with your critics right now by dwelling under the shadow of the Almighty God who knows the intimate truth about you. He knows how beautifully and wonderfully made you are. Get your emotions on His side.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How to find Courage in the Midst of Chaos

I asked my Facebook friends how do they find Courage in the midst of Chaos. I got some great answers! I've been thinking about this topic because things get chaotic in life every now and then. I don't believe we are supposed to dwell in a state of chaos but sometimes, whether we choose it or not, we just find ourselves in the midst of it. What is Chaos? According to the dictionary, "a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order."  Chaos comes in many forms and it may come unexpectedly. How do you deal with it? Here are three ways. 

1. God's Word • when chaos hit you, it's wise to have a well established foundation in the Word of God. All those hours of Sunday School come to great use during chaotic situations. Christ is the rock of our lives and we rediscover that during trying times. In confusion and disorder, He's our stability. He helps us make sense of things as we move to our new normal. It is wise to read the Bible, not to become a walking encyclopedia, but to be filled with God's goodness so that when chaotic times come, you are filled with Words of Life.

2. Friendships • I know humans have the tendency of pushing people away when they're in chaotic situations but I believe that's when we need our friends the most. Whether they are there for prayer or any other type of support, friends are God's way of giving you an earthly embrace. Please know that if you keep pushing people away they will stay away. Enjoy your privacy but quickly accept the help of your friends. The bonds of friendship grow in times of chaos. We love and we are loved by our friends when things are changing. I believe that friendships are either strengthened or weakened in chaotic times. Please accept help.

3. Peace • the Bible encourages us to seek peace and pursue it (Psalm 34:14). I like this because I thought peace was going to fall from the sky if I just stand still. I am making my life's work to pursue peace. Some of the practical ways I've learned to seek peace are:

• Knowing Jesus and having Him as my Lord and Savior;
• Having a forgiving heart and attitude;
• Exercising; 
• Resting, even if all I can afford is to turn off for 10 minutes;
• Mindfully practicing relaxation (nothing weird, I am mindful of when I am tense and I track where that bad feeling is coming from. Trust me, nothing is worth making me lose my peace and raising my blood pressure);
• Praying and reading the Bible daily;
• Maintaining a great relationship with my husband and children;
• Taking breaks to refresh my mind and soul (physically removing myself from draining situations, organizations and people);
You get the picture. Having peace in my life is so precious and so important. I don't accept the notion that I am supposed to live without Peace because Jesus is the Prince of Peace and God gives me perfect Peace as my mind is stayed on Him (Isaiah 26:3). 

Chaos happens to everyone, no matter how much we dislike it. Today I want to encourage you to be filled with the Word of God, surrounded by faithful friends and filled with the Peace that only God can give you. 

Question: what are some of the ways you find Courage in the midst of Chaos?