Thursday, May 17, 2018

Boring Marriage

Good marriages are so incredibly boring. There are no stunts. When things go wrong, people choose to forgive one another and do the hard work to reach the goal of marital harmony. Good marriages also weather storms in life. The storms don’t come to stay so when they lift, the marriage is still there.

Good marriages would make awful movie scripts. Who wants to watch people showing up for one another and carrying the weight of responsibility? Who wants to see a storyline where children are loved well? The foundation of such love comes from a boring marriage.

Good marriages take time to nurture. They are built day in and day out. Results are measured not in social media Likes but in generations of people positively affected by such relationship.

That's the marriage I am going for.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

My 10-point: Give Up

Stuff you should give up:

Envy and jealousy • no amount of negative feeling will propel you to have what you secretly desire.

Mindless browsing • love your brain, give it a better purpose than that.

Regrets • try to spend a whole day without giving regrets so much power.

Perfection • imperfect is the new black. And you know Black is beautiful.

Toxic friendship • you and I have 229 days left in 2018. Can you imagine engaging only in true friendships?

Defeat mindset • focus on what you do have.

Hopelessness • your energy will literally return when you insert hope in your life.

Comparison • you don't even have the same body type as the person you admire. Be content.

Wasted tears • I believe we should cry. It is healthy. Crying about the wrong stuff is not good.

What worked for others • Customize your next achievement. Do what works for you.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Weight Watchers: see you in 10 pounds (less!)

I wanted to share the great news that I am officially out of the plateau!
I also wanted to tell you that I will continue this series 10lbs (less) from here.
In the past, I posted a photo every 10lbs. I was much easier to see my changes that way. Check this out: 
This was my previous series (NC years)
How did I got out of the plateau this time? I tracked more - this has always been true of me: if I track, I lose weight. It is true that you can’t manage what you won't measure. I simplified my meals by planning them ahead. I decided to change my breakfast to smoothies last week. Instead of taking 4 steps into preparing them, I took 5 minutes on the weekend and I turned those 4 steps into one. I pre-assembled them. Those 5 minutes saved me a lot of time during the week. I also guaranteed to have great nutrition every day. I planned my lunches ahead as well as my dinners. I did not give up. I’ve been in this journey for 28 weeks. I started right before the holidays. I realized it was going to be challenging yet, I keep telling myself that this is the year I will succeed.  It hasn’t been fast but my mind is made up: this is the year I will reach my goal.

See you 10 (less) pounds from today.

Goal: Lost 10 lbs by Tracking 7 days a week with the Weight Watchers app. Exercise at least 4 days a week.
Start Weight: 175 lbs
{Goal Weight:} 136 lbs
{{Current Weight}}: 161 lbs

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Sunday, May 13, 2018


You call yours mom, I call mine Mãe. You call your grandmother, I call mine vó. 
 These are the women who shaped my understanding of womanhood and motherhood.
The late Vó Dico
 There was no formality in my womanhood formation, just good ole organic living.
The late Vó Maria and my Mãe
I saw a lot of transparency. I saw a lot of the reality of what it means to live a good life in an flawed world.
My mãe holding my son and my my mother-in-law
So here I am, a mother myself. I told my kids I remember my mother at my age. I hope their memories of me as mamãe will be good.
I hope I will give them all they need to have a great start in life. I cannot tell you if my mãe was thinking that she was building a mother when she was raising me. What I can tell you is that she did a great job and I pray that she has many more years of healthy and peaceful life. I have a lot to learn still and I treasure her essence as my mãe. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Running in the Summer

The Spring weather has been lovely. The coolness also means there are hot months coming. Traditionally, I usually cut down on my mileage unless I’m training for a Fall race. Last year I kept my mileage low so when training season comes, I’ll crank up the mileage.
In the past, my goal has been to run between 8 - 12 miles for my long run during the summer. Lately, I've been running between 4 - 6 miles. The goal is to stay active, get stronger and enjoy each run. 
My first summer training for a marathon. It was hot!

When I started running, I was running for joy and I kept trying to see what I could accomplish. I want to keep that feeling alive. Running in the summer months can be fun, if I take the following precautions:

• Hydrate before, during and after each run. The amount of water you drink during the week also influences the type of results you get during your runs. Take it from me, I’ve been dehydrated and ended up going to the hospital to get an IV so I know what I’m talking about. 

• Wear appropriate clothing. Your body does a good job cooling itself when you're out there but it is important to help it by not overdressing. I am also mindful of preventing rashes all over my body because that friction between my clothes and my skin is real.

• Take care of your skin. I try my best not to be out there when the sun is out but caring for your skin is very wise. Protect your skin because we only get the one we already have.

• Stay alert. Zoning out during a run is not wise. If you are in a treadmill, pay attention so you won't fall. You also don't want to fall outside. If you are out in the dark, stay visible and simply stay alert. You will be amazed at how many injuries you can avoid if you simply stay alert.

Have fun this summer friends and enjoy any type of activity you choose. The key is to stay active.