7 Questions to ask a Wise Person

Monday, February 1, 2016

I enjoy getting to know people, particularly those who are wise. As you and I go about our week we interact with people who are filled with knowledge. We don't tap into their wisdom and experience for lack of time. Time is the best gift we can give and get and I particularly enjoy asking the following questions to wise people: 

1 • What did you learn from your failures? - there's a lot of celebration in success but the best lessons are learned from failures. I want to know what you have learned from your failures. I enjoy details and practical information on how I too can enjoy those hard earned lessons. 

2 • What did your devotional life look like when you had small kids? - I know everyone talks about Susanna Wesley and her 19 kids but there is value in every mother's story. What are some of the things you had to overcome in order to be closer to your God?

3 • How does God speak to you and how do you speak to Him? - I am fascinated by the answers that come out of these questions. I'm telling you, I can listen for hours about the language of heaven heard on earth through dreams, visions and the living Word of God. 

4 • How do you work through frustration in life? - I've been asking this question a lot in the past year or so. I appreciate the transparency of the wise women who lend me their ears and give me Godly advice on this relevant topic. 

5 • How can I help you? - I really want to be of help and encouragement. It's not about taking but also giving of myself to those wonderfully wise people. 

6 • What is your dream as a person? - I've been asking this particular question for 20 years. I'm amazed at the sparkle in the eye of the interviewee. 

7 • What are you the happiest about at the moment? - Sharing another's joy gives me hope and it really refreshes me. I enjoy hearing about someone else's joy and rejoicing with them. This my friends, is very Biblical. We are to rejoice with those who rejoice (Romans 12:15). 

• How will you make time this week to talk to a wise person? What will you ask them?