Friday, July 28, 2017

How do you find courage to follow God's voice?

This post is for the people who hear God’s voice yet they wonder how to gather the courage to follow it.

I believe that God speaks and leads us to follow Him in this journey of life. I also believe that we have the privilege to vote. We can say yes or say no to following God’s voice. What is God’s voice? Well, His voice is His word, the Bible.

As I read the One Year Bible (only 157 more days to go!), I am faced with stories of people who held that same choice in their hands. Some had the courage to follow God’s voice, others completely ignored it.

Take king Jehoram for example (2 Chronicles 21:1-23:21). The Bible describes him as wicked but the “Ahab wicked” type. He could have followed God’s voice but he chose to abandon the Lord, which led him to a painful, severe intestinal disease that killed him after 2 years of intense suffering. To make matters worse, this guy’s funeral wasn’t as royal as the funerals in his family. His father, Jehoshaphat, is described as a man who sought the LORD with all his heart. Fathers and sons have the choice to follow God’s voice. It is up to each individual to make the best decision for himself.

It takes courage to follow God’s voice. God is after people who follow his voice in its entirety, not half-heartedly. I’m not saying that the result of not following God’s voice is intestinal disease. I do believe that there are consequences for our choices. I want to choose obedience to God’s voice because it leads to life.

You and I are not wicked (or regular) kings much like the ones I’ve been reading in the Bible lately. What we do have in common with those guys (and girls) is the fact that we get to vote when it comes to following God’s voice. Will you do what the Bible says or will you ignore it? The choice is ever before us.

Let me be honest and tell you that following God’s voice is not glamorous. What is God’s voice? Well, I find it in His word, the Bible and I apply it to every aspect of my life. Walking back to a store because the cashier forgot to charge me for the rotisserie chicken is not fun. Taking insults because I believe I should stand up for peace and let God take care of the rest is not an Intagramable moment. It takes courage to follow God’s voice because a lot of times it makes I look silly but it sure helps you sleep soundly at night. I also believe that God is after people who follow all His statutes and commandments. It’s hard to do but very possible.

Making the choice to follow God’s voice makes you stick out like a sore thumb. I try to deflect that attention to God’s faithfulness to His word. I believe He is who He says He is and He will not fail me.

Following God’s voice is about trust. I am choosing to trust God’s Word and His ways above everything I feel and see in the natural.

I wonder if you have been faced with that choice. I wonder if you will choose to wholeheartedly follow after God.