Have FUN with FOOD!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My breakfast usually consists of:
Orange juice with 2 spoons of FLAX seed (when I'm desperate to lose weight)
A bowl of cereal (Kashi) with organic milk, honey and a banana (in the good, normal times)

My current weight loss strategy is to:
Avoid empty carbs (bread & stuff), snacks, sugar, most meats... Limit my portions dramatically and not to eat after 6 p.m.

Lunch is usually:
Rice & beans with veggies or
A cup of potato soup with veggies

When it's snack time I like to grab:
Fruit when I'm seriously on diet, whatever in sight when I'm not serious

When dinner time rolls around I usually eat:
Whatever one of my girls cook for dinner or the same thing I had for lunch

My biggest weakness is:
Cookies, cakes and anything else that's sweet

I've got a SWEET TOOTH! No shame on my game people!
Last night proved that. I did well on my diet til it was time to cook dessert for a potlock dinner I'm attending today and another one tomorrow... I want to behave well!!!