New week!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Hey, we still have 4 weeks til Thanksgiving. Last week I did pretty weel. I did eat a GREAT tres leches cake Saturday at a Mexican party I attended and I feel in love with it! My fiance's birthday party will NOT be the same! We're going Mexican all the way to the cake. Man, you haven't lived til you tried tres leches cake. Wow. The food was good as well, I'm thinking we'll have rice, beans, a pinhata and Brazilian music :) I think it'll be fun. I didn't lose a lot of weight last week, just whatever I gained in good ole San Antonio.

I'm starting to think that my mind needs to change because if I lose weight with the current mentality it will be the same as in 1996. I lost over 20 pounds and all I could see in the mirror was FAT. This stuff is psychological, I'm telling you.

I'm all for limiting my amount of food and of sugar (last week every time drank tea I had white sugar in it. I started to believe that ALL artificial sweetners will kill me, not only the pink one...).

I got some corn tortillas intead of bread or anything flour like. If you warm it and eat it with beans or whatever else it's delicious and low fat. I learned that thanks to my girl from Guatemala Sendy. She's a great work out buddy, cook, everything she touches turns to gold. She has a lot of favor with God. She lost over 5 pounds on her diet, she looks even more fabulous and girlfriend eats 6 times a day! Go girl.

I'll keep you all updated. Right now I feel confident about this week. Holla.