I'm back on track

Thursday, November 3, 2005

It was very difficult to be on track yesterday. I needed comfort and things were miserable til I found comfort in God. I was talking to a coworker who lost 47 pounds and has kept it off successfully til this day. She told me that the comfort that comes from food is temporary. Weight loss should be for my health, not for my looks. I found great comfort in talking to her, even if it was for a little time. I'm back on track. My lifestyle is changed. I fell and made a mistake but it doesn't mean I'm gonna give up. I'll learn from my mistakes and keep going. Breakfast today included 1 cup of the same cereals I told yall about with banana. The organic milk went sour. This brand is not very good so I decided I'll go with soy milk from now on. I have a lunch meeting today. I plan on getting small portions of veggies and if they have fish I'll eat it, if not, I want to eat vegetables, a little bit of salad and maybe get fruit for snack. I didn't have dinner yesterday. I believe all the sweets turned out to be the whole caloric amount I had for the day. It won't happen again. Oh, I read a very good blog today that talked about the cons of Weight Watchers. I know people who have successfully lost weight and there are a lot of cons. I agree witht the fellow blogger who said the number one con is $money$. Think with me, if you are to enroll for 47 weeks, here in town it would cost you $1,081. I don't have that kind of money. I don't know what happens in the meetings but I know you get a lot of support and you weigh yourself every week. You have people to support and you are accountable as well. They teach you how to eat out, etc. That's great. I'm gonna have to learn by myself. I've read somwhere you should put money on a jar or something, and when you reach your goal you'll spend it. I might do that. If I save $23 per week til the time I'm 125 lbs (I'm being optimistic here) I should have $759. Boy O Boy! A sister with $759? This money screams MAKEOVER! I'd get the facials I want so much, I'll get a suit and some other outfits, I'll get hair done, manicure, pedicure, a massage... It is possible, trust me, I'll get my money's worth! I end this blog with a very positive note. No matter how hard the day, I will find solace in Jesus, not in food.