Not my usual Saturday

Saturday, November 5, 2005

I can't wait to see the results of this first week. I find encouragement each and every day to stick with the program and keep going. So help me Lord! Today has been a very good day. It's not my usual Saturday (I'm working) but I thank God for another great, healthy day.
1 cup of cereal (Kashi good friends + Oats and more)
3 strawberries
Light Soy Milk
1 cup of veggies
1 cup of cream corn
2 corn tortillas
1 1/2 cupof Oats and more
Light Soy Milk
I was invited to a banquet, so I don't know what kind of food I'll find there BUT I do have a plan! Stick with the veggies, unless we have salmon to avoid the meat, the always bad iced tea and NO BREAD UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! I won't eat dessert either, I had enough of that earlier this week as you witnessed. I'm ready to have close this day with nothing more than success. I know I just began this diet but this time it feels different because I feel different. I feel ready to do this. I wasn't ready before but now I feel empowered and ready to go all the way down to my initial goal of 130 pounds. It's about the way I feel. I feel healthier, I feel happy, I feel good about the process. Thanks for reading! Check out this great blog on the cost of the most popular diet programs. Sister girl is saving here!
Salad with sesame seed, cheese and 2 teaspoons of ranch
2 tablespoons of brocolis salad
1 tablespoon of green peas salad
2 tablespoons of green beans
2 tablespoons of baby carrots
1 tablespoon of mash potatoes
1 chicken breast