Great week!

Friday, November 4, 2005

It's been a good week so far. I had a few moments of lack of balance but thank God I got right back up again and kept going. Mondays are the days I get on the scale and weigh myself. I was used to looking at my weight in kilograms before I came to the States. I was 55 kgs when I lost a lot of weight in high school. If I get to 56 again I'll be grateful but I'll press on. 55 kgs are 121 pounds. My goal is to get to 125. Once I get there I'm sure I can plan on setting another goal to weigh the same as I did for some months in high school. We'll see! I'm just beggining now and I'm happy about this week of work. I haven't walked in a few days but the plan is to walk today. It's gorgeous out there, I definately want to do it. Alright, here is my food log for today (so far):
1 cup of cereal (Kashi good friends + Oats and more)
1 banana
3 strawberries
Organic Milk
1 cup of tea with a little sugar
1 cup of black eyed peas with a slice of pepper jack cheese
1 Slim Fast Optima Muffin Bar (150 calories)
1 baked chicken tigh
1 cup of boiled vegggies
1 cup of black beans
2 tortillas
1 orange
34 ounces of water
Lessons learned this week?
I need to be in control of my emotions, I can't accept to be controlled by them. I can't eat all the candy I can find to find peace. Peace is only found in my relationship with God. Sometimes taking a walk and taking the time to think (instead of taking the time to eat) are the best things to do. I work this weekend and I want to take a break to walk as well. I want to work hard and see how this week's efforts show in the scale on weigh in day.
I learned I can successfully change my lifestyle forever if I choose to do so. I can get out of the way of failure when I don't go to places where I'm most likely to eat a lot. I know I won't be able to do that forever, so I need more work and training on will power. I'll get plenty of it, I'm sure.
I'm not trying to bore you to death. Have a great weekend, I'll do the same ;)