12 days!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmas is almost here. I'm amazed at how good God was to me in 2005 - He's been good my whole life! This year I didn't lose all the weight I wanted. I ate my frustrations away, I squeezed in a bridesmaid dress when I had plenty time to lose weight - and plenty stress too - but I'm getting ready to say good-bye 2005. I must tell you that this Christmas I want to stick with eating vegetables. I really hope to skip the whole turkey, dressing and other stuff. I hope I can make peanut butter cookies for the enjoyment of others - I'm not into peanut butter but I can bake some mean cookies! They're my fiance's favorite cookies :) I've been blessed to eat only vegetables and fruits since Sunday. You know I've been pigging out for a couple of weeks, so the great results of this change were immediate. I felt so much better! When I finished eating a plate of baked beans, green beans, mustard greens and mixed veggies I felt... normal. I wasn't heavy or bloated. I didn't even want dessert, can you believe it? I guess it's because when your body gets all the nutrition it needs you don't crave sugar as much. I'm happy and I pray that God will help me keep up this healthy intake as long as I need. There's a great book out there called Satan, I'm Taking Back My Health! by Juwanza Kunjufu. Check it out here. I read it a while ago and I passed it along to my sister but I do remember the author talking about the healing benefits of food. One of the most intriguing questions he raises is: "Have you eaten something that is ALIVE today?" If we're not careful we'll spend our whole lives eating processed food, which tastes good because of the fat in it but ultimately brings what death. Food that's alive brings life, you reap what you sow. I'm sowing good things and I'm expecting God to bring a harvest of health and other great things. I feel better, so much better and it has only been a few days! I can imagine a whole life full of benefits if I focus on my health this way, no matter what others say. I definately feel like giving up on coffee forever should be a great thing to do. So help me Lord! A thought on Christmas: I might not get a lot of gifts this Christmas but that's okay because Christmas is NOT my birthday. It's the time I celebrate Jesus, Immanuel, God with us. I hope to celebrate all the good things God has done for me and I hope to share this hope I have with someone else. Jesus was born for the whole world. God so loved the world that He sent Jesus to be born. Immanuel, God with us.