Thursday, December 8, 2005

I wish I had the courage to go vegan or vegetarian. I really admire people who have this lifestyle. They're supposed to live longer. They are supposed to look leaner and just be healthy. I lived a good lifestyle for two weeks and to be honest with you I'm struggling to get back at it. There are million of Christmas parties to go, I'm honestly thinking about turning an upcoming one down. What's to do in the parties but to ask questions (you might not care about the answers) and eat everything available? I don't want to wait til January 1 to start a diet cause my birthday is January 3 and if you remember from a previous post, I have problems with the 3rd day of every diet I start (I don't know, something always comes up). That's why I wanted to start now. I need to give up bread. I admire Oprah for limiting her intake of bread to 3 times a year I think. One time I said I was going to do the same and a lot of people thought I was crazy. I limited big time the amount of people I verbally tell my weight loss strategy and goals - except for the blog of course. People hate everything good you do to yourself. I decided when I finally get going with the lifestyle and lose weight I'm not going to verbalize anything. I won't lie about it but I won't be all excited about what I'm doing. Talk about self-control and self-love. I have to love myself enough that I don't care what others say or do. I'll keep losing the weight a feeling better. Tomorrow is Friday but I can still do it. No breakfast this week is killing me. I feel unbalanced and it hurts. I'll do better tomorrow. So help me God and so help me Cintia. I'll keep a positive attitude no matter what's going on. I'm going home, I'll read a good book, eat veggies and drink tea. Tomorrow is another day. 3 strikes and I'm in LOL